Sapenair-1, Innovation of FKH UNAIR Researchers

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Indonesian Minister of Agriculture, Amran Sulaiman, carrying a goat crossed from etawa goat and saanen, named Sapenair-1. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – In addition to frozen cow semen development, FKH team Universitas Airlangga also crossbreed etawa and saanen goats. The crossbreeding goat was named Sapenair-1. There are two goats resulted from FKH UNAIR team.

As we all know, etawa and sapera goats are popular for its milk. In Veterinary Reproduction Department FKH UNAIR, the expert on artificial insemination,  Dr. Trilas Sardjito, drh., M.Si., said that the breeding of this goats is expected to bring benefits, such as more volume of milk production, from the usual etawa or saanen goats. The crossbreeding innovation was a dedication to 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga.

“The goats belong to UNAIR as the male, crossbred of FKH UNAIR, the semen development was from FKH UNAIR development, the female also belongs to UNAIR. So If there in an artificial insemination, it is the UNAIR ‘biological child,’ said Trilas.

At the moment, Sapenair-1 is still three weeks old because the crossbreeding was performed in the beginning of May. The procedure will be continued until the researchers find the best result from various species.

“We will conduct crossbreeding until the ‘F’ (filial) type crossbred, so the results can be various. Now, the public knows on the crossbreeding but they don’t know how far it will be,” said Trilas.

The crossbreeding developed by FKH UNAIR will be recommended to the milk goat breeders as the crossbred is the best result and it has certain origin.

Furthermore, the target of this artificial insemination was to help the breeders in engineering the offspring. It can answer the challenges the breeders experience in unbalanced numbers between males and females.

“For example, the females are enough but the males aren’t . So, we will engineer the artificial insemination so it can produce males,” said the expert of FKH UNAIR.

With the innovation made by FKH, the breeders are expected to have better management, so their business is not a side business but also the main source of income. The opportunity in this breeding business is quite promising. (*)

Author: Faridah Hari
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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