Every Individual Must Concern with Risk of Fire

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Sho’im Hidayat during presentation on Fire Risk Analysis in Faculty of Public Health (FKM) on Monday, November 14. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Fire safety training at workplace was held in Sumarto Hall of Faculty of Public Health (FKM) , Monday, November 14. The event planned to be held for two days was a part of 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga. The participants and guests were not only from Universitas Airlangga but also from other universities and institutions, also general public. The training was held in collaboration of FKM UNAIR with Sub Directorate K3 (Work Health and Safety) UNAIR.

The speakers for the first day were Dr. A. Siswanto (workplace potential fire), Sho’im Hidayat, dr., M.KKK (fire risk analysis), Dr. Setya Haksama drg., M.Kes and M. Farid Dimyati Lusno, dr., M.KL., (both focused on disaster management), also Mulyono S.KM., M.Kes (introduction to protective equipments of active and passive fire. While for the second day, the speakers are Dr. M. Nurtam., Drs., MM. and Dani Nasirul Haqi, S.KM., M.KKK. They will discuss about fire emergency response and simulate the measures to handle the fire.

“With the training, the participants will have knowledge to prevent until handle the fire. And what is also important is to identify the fire potentials,” said Dr. Setya Haksama of the committee.

He said that a lot of people do not concern with fire potentials especially if it is in a building. They should have awareness on what they should do if there is fire. “So if it happens, losses can bi minimized,” he explained.

The awareness on evacuation routes, assembly points are not good enough. Therefore, this training promoted the topic. So it will trigger constructive concern on it. (*)

Author: Rio F. Rachman
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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