Develop Passion, Students Should be More than just Bookworms

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RISKYduring his cooking demonstration in IRIEx 2016 stage in Airlangga Convention Center UNAIR, on Friday, November 11. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – “Beside coming to classes, you should have a hobby or a passion, they should be developed as well. Don’t only do your academic activity and be bookworms, softskill is also needed,” said Risky Aprillian, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FKH) student 2011 who is currently taking Veterinary profession program.

Risky encouraged the other students to do that way, as softskill success he achieved has made him called chef. He stated that after he demonstrated his skill in cooking in  Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo(IRIEx) 2016, in Airlangga Convention Center, Friday, November 11.

Risky has taken a leave from his study to pursue his passion he has since elementary school as chef. He did it to follow a cooking competition, Master Chef Indonesia season IV and reached the big six from hundreds of people. For his achievement, Risky is often invited to perform cooking demonstrations. Last time, he cooked Italian dish with bread and tiramisu.

“His leave from study was taken with objective, even though his study is long, but it was not useless. From the leave, Risky got a lot of positive things from his passion. And one more thing, men able to cook are awesome,” said Dr. Rimayanti, drh., M.Kes., a lecturer of FKH, of IRIEx 2016 committee.

Roti isi atau sandwich salah satu masakan hasil demo masak oleh Chef Risky Aprillian. (Foto: Istimewa)
Sandwich prepared by Chef Risky Aprillian. (Photo: Special)

Dr. Rimayanti also supported Risky’s suggestion. She believes that students should not only master academic skills, only come to classes then go home, so extra-curricular activities should also run well, softskill is also important. For Risky, being a chef is his passion and he follow it without neglecting his academic activities to be a vet.


One of the desserts  beautifully prepared by Chef Risky Aprillian. (Photo: Special)

Risky, the man who is also an assistant lecturer in Pathology Department of FKH UNAIR, admitted that he likes kitchen work since class II elementary school (SD). At that time he made a traditional snack of Surabaya, Ote-ote. He also liked to help his mother in the kitchen, so he master some Indonesian food recipes.

”From his interest during childhood, which was fun, I liked it until now,” said Risky, who preferred to make desserts, side dish after the main course. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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