Last Day of AISC-ISS, Foreign Students Take Parts in Cultural Classes and Appoint New Chairman

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A student concocting herbal medicine. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – The participants show their enthusiasm in every event in Airlangga International Student Competition – International Student Summit, on Wednesday, November 9. In the last day, there were “Cultural Classes”. “Cultural Classes” is an event where the foreign students can learn Indonesia traditional cultures. It was held in Infectious Diseases Hospital of Universitas Airlangga. They were expected to know more about Indonesian cultures.

There were four cultural classes, Batik class with Andriani Primardiana, Batik maker from Madura, Accessories Class with Diva Arsanti Pratiwi, Dancing Class with Dent-Tari members of Faculty of Dentistry (FKG), and Herbal Medicine Class with the expert from Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) Prof. Dr. Mangestuti Agil, M.S. Apt.

One of the participants from Ghana, Samuel Anderson, was glad that he could participate in the cultural class. He was excited to learn and share experiences with other foreign students from around the world. “I really like this program. I can meet a lot of people. I can learn more about Indonesian cultures, and share my experience with other students from Africa, Europe, Asia and many more. I enjoyed it very much,” Samuel said.

Samuel chose to take part in the dancing class. The dancing enthusiast was impressed by Saman Dance showed by FKG students. In the dancing class, the participants can practice the movements of Saman Dance. Samuel said that Saman Dance performed by sitting was very different from African dancing concepts.

“In Ghana, people dance by moving all parts of the body. You express a song by moving your body from the head to toes. But today, I saw Saman Dance which was performed by sitting and I think was very difficult to do. It was a lot of fun, though. I tried it and I liked it,” said Samuel giggling.

Keempat calon kandidat presiden ISS Club. (Fotografer: Faridah Hari)
Four candidates of ISS Club. (Photo: Faridah Hari)

In the same day, the participants also followed ISS special event. They held a discussion also presenting their ideas on latest issues in their countries or in Indonesia. The forum was held in Garuda Mukti Hall Management Office Building UNAIR.

In the end of it, there was an election of the new chairman of ISS. The chairman will lead the community of foreign students in Indonesia (ISS Club). The new chairman is Hashim Umar Farouk from Universitas Padjajaran, West Java, who will lead ISS Club until 2017. (*)

Author : Faridah Hari
Editor : Defrina Sukma S

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