FKH UNAIR Ready to Produce More Than 20,000 Frozen Semen of Cattle

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The expert and artificial insemination lecturer on cows Dr. Trilas Sardjito, drh., M.Si, showing Limousin Guliver type of cows.(Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – An expert and artificial insemination lecturer Dr. Trilas Sardjito, drh., M.Si, was requested to produce more than 20,000 frozen semen for cattle insemination in some regions of East java. The request was made by Indoesian Minister of Agriculture Amran Sulaiman when he was inspecting the cattle and goat of Trilas and team.

In the research exhibition, Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo (IRIEx) 2016, Trilas and team displayed six cattle they bred. At first he got a male Friesian Holstein (FH) cow, Limosin, and Simental. His biggets male cattle was a Limousin Guliver aged 6 and weighs 1 ton 25 kilograms.

Amran said that frozen semen production is an innovation in artificial insemination (IB) and was a part of SIWAB (Cattle breeder obligatory pregnancy). He hoped that this frozen semen production can accelerate farm security as programmed by President RI Joko Widodo.

“We have SIWAB movement. They (Trilas and team, -ed) were willing to produce 20 thousand frozen semen, but I asked more. The buyer is government. We will buy them and distribute them freely. We are preparing the for 2017, we’ll prepare 4 million frozen semen for people of Indonesia,” said Amran.

Last year, the ministry of agriculture allocated 25-30% of frozen distribution to East Java. With that much allocation, the successful birth with artificial insemination reached 1 million 50 thousand cattle. It was the highest compared to the other provinces.

“So if UNAIR can produce more, more than 20 thousand, we are ready to buy it and distribute them for free and there is guidance from UNAIR lecturers. We have instructed related directorate to execute the plan,” added Amran.

In response to the minister’s request, Trilas said that he was ready to meet the request. For Trilas, frozen semen production for IB is not the first time done by FKH. Recently, the calf from their breeding procedure has weighed 300 kg.

“We have done this since 2001. It has been 15 years we work on it. Of course, our products are known well by the inseminators. They are well distributed in villages supervised by FKH in some regencies in East Java, such as Banyuwangi, Lamongan, and Bojonegoro,” explained Trilas.

As planned, about 20 thousand dosages of frozen semen will be distributed first to some villages supervised by FKH. The other party’s frozen semen production will be limited to measure the effectiveness of UNAIR research products.

“The Minister has instructed. So we will count how many villages can receive us. Hopefully, Airlangga reputation will be well known among the society, and it can develop the villages, especially the cattle farmers to betterment,” said trilas. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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