Despite the Rain, AISC-ISS Closing Ceremony Runs Lively

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Vice Rector I UNAIR talking to Italian and Jordanian student. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Airlangga International Student Competition and International Student Summit (AISC-ISS) 2016 in collaboration International Office and Partership (IOP)finally finished on Wednesday, November 9. The closing ceremony was held in front of Management Office Building UNAIR Surabaya.

The closing ceremony was started with Sparkling Surabaya dance as special dance of Surabaya. In his speech, Vice Rector I UNAIR Prof. Djoko Santoso, dr., Sp.PD-KGH., Ph.D., FINASIM also talked to students from Italy and Jordania. The Professor of Faculty of Medicine (FK) had a brief conversation with them on stage.

“Beside Indonesian, can you speak Javanese? What does the Javanese Sugeng Rawuh mean? Asked Prof. Djoko to Nowmi from Italy. “It means, ‘terima kasih’,” answerd Noemi in her accent followed with laugh from the audience.

Despite the rain, the students in AISC – ISS were even more enthusiastic. It was livelier with a Saman dance performance of Malaysian students. Even though they have practiced only for three days, they seemed professional performing the dance from Aceh. Furthermore, there was also Angklung performance of Kartini song, a collaboration of Universitas Airlangga Choir (PSUA) with foreign students studying in UNAIR.

Beside various performances, there was a session waited by the participants, the announcement of AISC champion by Director of Education. Three days of AISC-ISS have involved 293 participants, either from Indonesian or foreign students from 29 universities in Indonesia.

The competitions were Indonesian Speech Contest with 37 participantss, English Speech Contest with 43 Indonesian students and Poster Competition with 33 participants, foreign and local students.

For Indonesian Speech Contest, first place was Noemi Gagliardi from Italy studying in Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atmajaya. Second place was Lee Sun Min from South Korea studying in Universitas Kristen Petra and the third place was Alejandro Comte Torres from Mexico studying in Universitas Surabaya.


Collaboration of foreign students with PSUA performing We Are The Champion. (Photo: Special)

For English Speech Contest, the first place was Yoga Adityatama from Universitas Negeri Semarang. Second place was Anis Wulandari from Universitas Airlangga and the third place was Hedwig Tiara Svayambhu.

In Poster Competition, first place was Simon Ntamwana from Universitas Gadjah Mada. Second place was Martin Iryayo from Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. And third place was Mohaddeseh Maktabifard Iranian in Universitas Indonesia.

“I’m happy that I could win the first place for Indonesian Speech Contest. I am proud of it and I love this country more. By participating in the contest, beside getting impressive prize, I got experience of learning Indonesian after four years,” said Noemi, the Italian student. (*)

Author : Disih Sugianti
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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