Decades Not Seeing Each Other, FK UNAIR Alumni Retraces Memories

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oldest medical campus in Indoneisa. (Photo: Sefya Hayu I.)

UNAIR NEWS – Recalling beautiful memories is able to rekindle spirit and happiness of individuals. As felt by dozens of Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga 1959 Alumni. Missing their memories as students, they retrace their steps in their lovely campus as well as to have reunion with old friends.

“Where is the entry now?”
“ There used to be a library here, but whre is it now?”
“ There used to be a fish pond, now it becomes a garden,”

Those are comments made by the alumni group as they arrived in FK UNAIR entrance. They have left their campus for decades. They were surprised with all the changes, either on the buildings and the environment.

The alumni visit was received by Vice Dean II Prof. Dr. Budi Santoso, dr., Sp.OG (K) in Special Assembly room FKU on Wednesday, November 9. The visiting group leader was Prof. Djohansjah Marzoeki, Sp.BP-RE (K) and he expressed his joy for being able to visit his campus again.

“The visiting group was the biggest, about 20 people. Usually the alumni just visit with few people, but this one, a lot of them came. We’re happy and also sad as not few of our friends have passed away,” he said.

Even though they were mostly above 75 years old, they still have their spirits to retrace their memories even some of them on wheel chairs.

“Friend from class of 59 were so excited. For decades not seeing each other, since graduation. Some came a long way from Jakarta also Pekanbaru only wish to see how their faces now,” he giggled.

According to the former Head of Plastic Surgery Department FK UNAIR, gathering old friends after decades was not a difficult task. “ We always communicate through WhatsApp (WA), so we can coordinate easily. It is our way to strengthen ties. We can make jokes and send pictures through WA,” he explained.

In this visit, they were invited to visit all classrooms with some jokes heard along the way. Both were proud of significant changes of their campus. A lot of tall buildings built to improve learning activities and education. And most importantly, the old Dutch architecture was preserved well.

“I’m very happy I could get back to Campus for a while. Recalling old memories. Funny thing was, everytime there were friend graduated, they were thrown into the pond. Not only soaked, they were full with dirt too. But now, the pond is no longer there,” recalled Imam Sukusno, dr., SpP. giggling.

Other happiness they felt was when they walked past Alumni wall and they pointed their names. “It is great appreciation for us, we are really moved,” said Linus Purbojo, dr., Sp.B.

After walking around the campus, they then continued with their agenda. They went on a city tour and enjoyed special culinary moment. They also visited iconic places like Suramadu, and House of Sampoerna.

“When will we be able to come here again, this could be our last meeting. We are already aged, we just use the opportunity,” said Prof. Djohansjah with sparkling eyes. (*)

Author: Sefya Hayu I.
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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