Impacts of Trump’s Victory on Indonesia-USA Relations

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Illustration: UNAIR NEWS.

UNAIR NEWS – Regarding the impacts of Trump’s victory on Indonesia-USA relations, Safril believed there are two aspects involved, the president and the people. The author of  “Teroris versus Globalisasi: Perlawanan Jaringan Jemaah Islamiyah terhadap Hegemoni Amerika” said that the relation of both Indonesian and American presidents will not as good as with Barrack Obama as the president.

”The relations of Indonesia-USA won’t be as good as with Obama’s time. We know Obama has been to Indonesia as he has a program with Asian countries. While Trump’s program has not been known yet,” said the expert of US political system, Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Airlangga, A. Safril Mubah, S.IP., M.Hub.Int.

From the people aspects, Trump has used religion issue during his campaign. “Bush has ever been to Indonesia in 2006 and there are demonstrations for it. While Trump has clearly used religious sentiments, so it is possible when he visits Indonesia, he will receive some protests,” he said to UNAIR NEWS.

A. Safril Mubah, S.IP., M.Hub.Int. (Foto: Istimewa)
Safril Mubah, S.IP., M.Hub.Int. (Photo: Special)

According to Safril Mubah, there are four key factors of Trump’s victory as President elect, from the election.

First, his hard work during last race of campaign in the states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina. According to Safril, the people of those states are the floating mass, so the last day was the determining factor for the voters.

Second, the Republican candidate has had loyal supporters from the grass roots community. They support Trump, while Hillary Clinton’s Democrats were supported by middle and upper class men.

Third, public scandal Clinton has done as the Secretary of State. According to the researcher in National Chengchi University, Taipei, actually both have scandals, Trump with sexual harassment issue and Clinton with her private email scandal.

“Trump’s scandal was in a private sector, so it did not have any impacts for the public, and it did not matter much,” said Safril.

Fourth, during campaign, Trump tended to bring conventional conservative issues such as on Immigration. He suggested to build a wall in the USA borders to handle illegal immigrants and refugees.

Surprising Victory

Safril viewed that Trump’s victory in the presidential race was quite surprising as according to last polls and the presidential debates, Hillary Clinton was leading. The campaign race with sarcasm he applied was quite controversial.

According to the HI UNAIR lecturer on those issues, we need to know whether they are going to be implemented when he assume office or only to attract the grass root community to vote for him. It all depends on the political dynamics in the USA.

“In making policies, a president should consult with the Senates and Ministers. It depends on who he will choose for strategic positions like CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), Secretary of Defense, and other positions. So, the plan to build the wall will not be necessarily accepted,” explained Safril. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S.
Editor : Bambang Bes.

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