Suara Surabaya Talks with UNAIR Rector on Dies Natalis

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(From the left) Prof. Tri Martiana, Prof. Suwarno, and Prof. Nasih during discussion in Suara Surabaya FM on Wednesday, November 9. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – On November 10, 2016, Universitas Airlangga will be 62 years old. For its Dies Natalis, UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA was invited for discussion in the popular media in Surabaya, Radio Suara Surabaya FM.

Other than UNAIR Rector, there were also the Head of Dies Natalis Committee Prof. Dr. Tri Martiana, dr., MS, and Head of Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo (IRIEx) Committee Prof. Dr. drh Suwarno, M.Si, in the discussion held on Wednesday, November 9.

In the occasion, Prof. Nasih said that the theme for UNAIR anniversary is “62 Years of Universitas Airlangga for Just and Civilized Indonesia”. It was chosen to show that UNAIR is ready to answer the challenges existing nowadays.

“The theme was chosen to answer the latest condition of Indonesia, so UNAIR has determined to support and make efforts to create justice in civilized manner,” said UNAIR Rector. “It is pursuant to our motto, Excellence with Morality,” he added.

As planned, UNAIR 62 years is celebrated by scientific oration by Deputy Chairman of KPK Laode Muhammad Syarief, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D, who will deliver his speech on “Academician and Campus Based Anti-Corruption for Just and Civilized Indonesia”.

After the scientific oration led by Prof. Nasih, the participants will be invited to Airlangga Convention Center for the opening of research exhibition IRIEx.

According to Prof. Suwarno, there are 70 stands from various institutions, like universities, industrials, agencies also small and medium enterprises.

Beside indoor, the expo is also held outdoor to display cattles and herbal plants reared by some faculties of UNAIR.

In the occasion, Prof. Tri Martiana this celebration of Dies Natalis is to show UNAIR gratefulness. “We will start will prayers, pursuant to Excellence with Morality, so everything is adjusted with religious morality,” said Prof. Tri Martiana. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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