Help Center Invites Students with Disability and General Students to Writing Workshop

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UNAIR NEWS – Scientific writing activity like writing essay, article, and journals cannot be separated from the life in academic community. Therefore, academicians must always hone their academic writing skill. One way to do it can be done through essay and journalistic writing workshop.

The workshop was for academicians of UNAIR including the ones with disability. It was held to improve their skills in scientific writing, like essays, articles and journals.

Head of Help Center UNAIR Prof. Myrtati Diah Artaria, M.A., Ph.D., said that we need to concern with the communication of students with disability as they are used to use Indonesian sign language (bisindo).

“The communicate with sign language which is different from the standard form. They are normal intellectually but we need to support them in communicating things they understand through a better writing,” said Prof. Myrtati.

In its organization, Help Center UNAIR collaborated with Mata Hati Community to provide a writing workshop for students with disability and general students from UNAIR or other universities. They invited Tempo editor who is also alumnus of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) UNAIR  Endri Kurniawati.

The first workshop was held a while ago. It was attended by a student with sight disability from FISIP UNAIR Alfian Andika Yudhistira. During workshop, Endri did not have any difficulties as his intellectuality is excellent. Endri could do a presentation with powerpoint and also converted by Alfian voice.

“I can see my friends who are smart, amusing, and happy. I thought, intellectually, they are not different with the other general students. Next week, the audience will be different, from the deaf group, so I will have to speak slowly and read lips. So my articulation should be clear,” said Endri.

In the workshop, Endri also invited the participants to make sentences with correct structures, with subject, predicate and object.

“The way to write and talk was different. Even though there is a principle to write as you talk, there are still patterns. It sounds easy but practically it isn’t as people as author or journalists sometimes still can write correctly,” she said.

With this workshop, students academic skill is expected to be improved. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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