Attracting FISIP Students to Study in France

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UNAIR NEWS – “We can learn and continue our study anywhere abroad.” It was stated by Vice Dean III Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Airlangga Prof. Myrtati Diah Artaria, M.A., Ph.D, in a routine Wednesday Discussion, on Wednesday, November 9.

According to Prof. Myrta, a lot of opportunities out there should be used by students or lecturers to improve themselves. The academic opportunities like academic mobility to continue study either with scholarships or not, student or staff exchange, and also research collaboration.

One of the countries which can be chosen for academic mobility in Social and Polital Studies is France. In a routine Wednesday discussion, Alessandro Mariani International Affairs Manager for China and South-East Asia Science Po, France was trying to attract FISIP UNAIR enthusiasm to study in an institution focused in Political Studies.

There are a lot of programs offered by the campus located not far from Eiffel tower. Some of them are Communications, Journalisms, International Relations and Public Policies. Regarding new admissions, non-French students should not be worried with their French language acquisition as some programs are offered in English.

“SciencePo has programs taught in English. Foreign students are also taught by same lecturers (which teaches the domestic students) as we want the foreign students get the same experience,” said Alessandro.

To enroll in SciencePo, the applicants should attach reference letter from the recommending staff, academic result transcript, and personal statement. Regarding this matter, Allessandro said that to make a personal statement, he hoped that the applicants emphasized on their skill which can be developed during study in SciencePo and vice versa.

The scholarships offered by the sponsors in SciencePo are plenty.The students can use various educational aid from Eiffel Scholarship, Boutmy Scholarship, the government or related institution there. Regarding the cost of living, Allessandro said that it can be quite expensive in France.

“Yes, the cost of living is expensive and it is even more expensive than in Surabaya. But, students always hold student cards. They can be used to go to the movies and travelling by train. You will get a lot of discounts with the student cards,” he added.

In SciencePo, every student is obliged to do their internship program in the last semester. Students can only do internship outside France or in their own countries. He added that their participations in it will help them to get jobs before their graduations. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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