AISC ISS Participants Learn About Indonesia

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Wiwit Manfaati during her presentation on Water hyacinth craft in The Champion program. (Photo: Faridah H.)

UNAIR NEWS – The second day of Airlangga International Student Center (AISC) and International Student Summit (ISS), November 9, ran lively. According to the head of the committee,  Jani Purnawanty, S.H., S.S., LL.M., this AISC program is a program initiated by UNAIR and supported by DIKTI with its annual program called ISS.

“This year UNAIR was appointed by Dikti to hold ISS. So both concepts of activities are similar. Therefore, this AISC is held and merged with ISS,” said Jani.

At least there were a hundred of foreign students participating AISC and ISS from some universities in Indonesia. Purwanto Subroto, as the Head of Partnership subdirectorate of DIKTI, said that UNAIR has packaged well AISC and ISS. His unit really appreciates the organization of both events. He also said that the main objective of the events is to introduce Indonesian cultures. Furthermore, it is also a discussion forum among foreign students studying in Indonesia.

“Hopefully from this event, more foreign students able to speak Indonesian and we have showed them a lot about Indonesian cultures. That way, when they get back to their countries they can be our ambassadors and shared their stories about Indonesia,” said Purwanto.

In the seconda day, the participants were invited to compete in Indonesian and English speech contest. After the speech contest, they were directed to the UNAIR Special Hospital for Infection (RSKI) to follow “The Champion”.

The Champion program is a part of AISC and ISS. In this program, the participants were divided into six small classes based on their interests. They chose their desired classes. In the class they had a discussion with the speakers. The atmosphere of classes was very active and responsive, the participants were enthusiastic with the topic presented.

“I was pleased with the classes, very inspiring and gave more insight,” said one of the participants Abdul Rozaq, a student from Libya who is studying at Universitas Diponegoro.

In the same occasion, Wiwit Manfaati, one of the presenters in classes said that she was glad she could participate in The Champion. She shared on her successful story as a handy-craft entrepreneur with water hyacinth. From the rearing of water hyacinth to management of it to be bags, caps, table cover and all.

“It is a great event. There were a lot of people asking me about the water hyacinth craft arts. But one of the students said that water hyacinth in their country is used to feed the cows and sometimes is not used for anything,” said Wiwit. (*)

Author : Faridah Hari
Editor   : Nuri Hermawan

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