The Importance of Understanding Human Rights in Business

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James Kallman as the President Director of Moores Rawland during presentation in International Seminar, on Tuesday, November 1. (Photo: UNAIR NEWS)

UNAIR NEWS – Human rights are always interesting to discuss. In Indonesia itself, all human rights of every citizen are guaranteed by Constitutions. In this era, human rights are also applied in business either domestic or international.

International Law Department, Faculty of Law, Universitas Airlangga, also pays attention to human rights issues. On Tuesday, November 1, there were some international seminar titled “On Corporate Human Rights Due Diligence”. It was held in Balai Adika, Hotel Majapahit, from eight to five.

The speakers in the seminar were Dinant Natanegara as Director of Security and Business Service BP, Arnold Kayame as Vice President of Community Relation and Human Rights PT. Freeport Indonesia, James Kallman as President Director of Moores Rawland and Dicky Komar as the Director of Human Rights Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There were about a hundred students, from bachelor, master and doctoral FH UNAIR, lecturers, law firm, trade insdustrial agency and other institutions.

This seminar discuss a lot of things like human rights in business, contracts between Global Business Initiative (GBI) Rights and Moores also the implementations of human rights in business in countries like Indonesia especially.

In his presentation, James said that business is responsible to human rights. The responsibility is not only limited to financial reports but also managerial system and the companies’ impacts to locals.

Regarding the agreement of countries in business, Dicky encouraged the businessmen to understand human right applied anywhere as the understanding on human rights can guarantee business continuity.

“Human rights are deemed important in business. They (businessmen) should understand them for their business anywhere. Besides, human rights are mandate of constitution,” said Dicky.

Beside the constitutions, the company is obliged to understand the human rights, so the company’s business can be healthier and useful to all parties. (*)

Author: Pradita Desyanti
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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