FK UNAIR Holds Mass Circumcision for Hundreds of Kids in Banyuwangi

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The circumcision performed to an elementary student by two doctors of IDI (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Closing to the day of 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga, Faculty of Medicine (FK) UNAIR also celebrated it with social service activity. It was held on a big scale involving hundreds of people in Banyuwangi.

In collaboration with Health Agency of Banyuwangi, Indonesian Doctor Association (IDI) Banyuwangi and Baznas Banyuwangi, FK held free mass circumcision for 101 elementary school students from poor families.

Beside the mass circumcision, there was a workshop and symposium on first aid to burns attended by dozens of puskesmas doctors and also a visiting lecture of Dr. Bambang Purwanto, dr., M.Kes on sports procedures. It was attended by more than half a million participants from nurses, midwives, physiotherapists and radiologists.

The events was held in one day in PDD Universitas Airlangga Banyuwangi located in Jalan Wijaya Kusuma 113, Giri Banyuwangi, on October 29.

Head of FK UNAIR Social Service, Dr. Bambang Purwanto, dr., M.Kes explained the concept of events. It was applicative event and it gave benefits to the public and colleagues of doctors who serve outside Surabaya.

“It causes the public really enthusiastic with the social service we did. As there were no other mass circumcision events participated by hundreds of kids and even visiting lecture and workshop in UNAIR PDD Banyuwangi attended by more than 500 participants,” he said.

The organization of social service in Banyuwangi involved a lot of medical staff. Some of them sent 12 Specialist program (PPDS) Urology, 8 young doctors, 1 specialist of Urology, and 8 doctors fromPlastic Surgery Department FK UNAIR.

Interestingly, the participants of this were kids who did not queue right away, but they were paraded around the village. This parade has been a tradition there. It was very lively and a lot of people affected by its festivities.

“The tradition is to make kids happy by putting them on an amusement ride (odong-odong). Most of them did not realize where they were taken. They did realize if they were to be circumcised and when they did, they cried asking to go home. Some were ready for it. Some had to get back three times. The reactions were various,  it’s funny,” said the Head of Department of Physiology FK UNAIR.

As the head of the committee, Dr Bambang was glad as it ran well. It was an achievement and also a wish that UNAIR anniversary could be celebrated in Banyuwangi.

Expo Also Interesting

Right after the social service in Banyuwangi, FK UNAIR is preparing an expo on November 10-12 2016 in Airlangga Convention Center. FK will display its excellent researches.

Dr Bambang also hinted some works to display from some departments of FK UNAIR. Plastic Surgery Department will display their expertise in creating face mold for face off live with 3D prints. The visitors will be able to request their face molds, free and can be used as 3D masks as souvenirs.

“The visitors can come to our booth. If interested to get their face mold, we will make it. Who wants to have their nose bigger will be made as order,” he said.

Furthermore, Obstetric and Gynecolog also open service on pregnancy counseling and 4D USG free. Clinical Sports department will display the technology of handling sports injuries. Tropic Infection Department also planned to show their latest research through Plasma TV.

“FK UNAIR will hold a lot of events to celebrate UNAIR dies natalis thi year. The closest was on November 5, 2016 in UNAIR Hospital. From Pediatrics Department, they will open baby massage training open for public and with certificates,” he said.

There is another event on Saturday, November 5 in UNAIR Hospital. Pediatrics Department will have a baby massage workshop. It was open for public and there will be certificates.

UNAIR is well known by general public. So joy of anniversary can be shared to public, practiced and trained. FK UNAIR dedicated itself in the form of social service, training and expo. (*)

Author : Sefya Hayu

Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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