Hundreds of Kindergarten Students Celebrates UNAIR Anniversary

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Coloring competition in celebrating 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga (Photo: Defrina S)

UNAIR NEWS – There was a lively atmosphere on the first floor hall of Management Office Building Universitas Airlangga as there were kindergarten students (TK) and nursery school (PAUD). They were celebrating 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga through joining coloring competition on Saturday, November 5.

The event was followed by 500 TK and PAUD students. They were from dozens of schools in Surabaya. Most of them were wearing their uniforms. Some were from TK Cahaya, TK Al Hikmah, TK Seroja, etc.

The event started was at nine o’clock, each student has brought their own coloring equipments, like crayons, coloring pencils, mini folded tables and newspaper for mat.

When the coloring competition started, the kids started coloring the pictures prepared by the committee. They have same picture, a picture of kindergarten kids and a teacher celebrating 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga.

One of the participants, Lutfiah, admitted happy for participating this event in UNAIR. She was coloring completely the paper with her coloring pencils.

“I’m happy,” said the student of TK Al Hikmah while coloring her picture.

Beside Lutfiah, Angga also competed with the other kindergarten students. He admitted that he was also happy that he could develop his talent through the coloring competition.

“Happy,” he said laughing. Angga is still in TK B has brought his crayons and a table.

The event was a part of Airlangga Fiesta in the celebration of UNAIR anniversary. It is held simultaneously with the Public Fair.

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editor : Faridah Hari

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