To Broaden Students’ Experience, UNAIR Holds International Competition

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UNAIR NEWS – To give more insight and broaden students’ experience at international scope, UNAIR through its Directorate of Education in collaboration with Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI) is going to hold a student summit and international competition.

According to the coordinator of International Educational Program (PPI), Directorate of Education UNAIR, Jani Purnawanty, S.H., S.S., LL.M, at first, UNAIR had already prepared an event called “Airlangga International Student Competition” (AISC) titled “The Role of Youth to be Agents of Change for Community Empowerment” .

“But last June, DIKTI appointed UNAIR to host International Student Summit (ISS). It is DIKTI’s annual year,” explained Jani. “The event is similar to AISC. So UNAIR accepted the appointment and it is merged with AISC,” she added.

According to Jani, in globalization era, UNAIR students should get international insight. But, not all students have the opportunity to go abroad. So the event held from November 7 to November 10 should be able to facilitate UNAIR students in interacting with international students.

“So UNAIR makes the effort to invited the foreign students to UNAIR. So there will be more UNAIR students who gain experience interacting with international students in their discipline,” she said.

AISC competition is held together with student summit, so UNAIR local student can interact with international students as well as compete with them at international level.

As of now, the ISS and AISC has reached 85 students and 35 supervising lecturers. Furthermore, almost all foreign students studying in UNAIR were assigned to participate. “Foreign students from various program like Amerta, KNB, and Permata were assigned. There are 89 participants while the local participants are 49 students. Plus from other scheme about 30 (non-UNAIR),” said Jani.

In addition to gain experience on international exposure, Jani hoped that the event can improve UNAIR students’ confidence to compete.

“The point is to prepare UNAIR students to be global students, it is for WCU (World Class University, -ed). So we have to introduce how to interact with foreign students,” she said.
In AISC, there are three competitions, English Oration, Indonesian Oration and Poster Competition. There are four clusters to choose, Health, Economy, Education and Environment.

As planned ISS will be attended by the Mayor of Dr.(HC) Ir. Tri Rismaharini, M.T as the Keynote Speaker. In the event, they will get classes for creating Batik, making traditional herbal medicine and traditional dance. (*)

Author : DilanSalsabila
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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