Rector Opens Khatam Al-Qur’an Ceremony by UNAIR Students

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Opening of Khatam Al-Qur’an Ceremony in celebration of 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga in Ulul Azmi Mosque, Campus C UNAIR Jl. Mulyorejo Surabaya. (Photo: Nuri Hermawan)

UNAIR NEWS – The atmosphere of Ulul Azmi Mosque Campus C UNAIR is different than its usual days. After Ashr on Thursday, November 3, Islam academicians, UNAIR students memorizer of Al-Qur’an with the congregation started the opening of the Khatam Al-Qur’an Ceremony.

The event held as a gratefulness of the 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga was attended by UNAIR Rector, Prof. Dr. Moh. Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA, with vice rector and directors and faculty officials in UNAIR. In his opening speech, Prof. Moh Nasih said that they should be grateful for the event held for the first time, especially when it involves Al-quran memorizers of UNAIR.

“We should be grateful for this,” said Prof. Nasih, UNAIR 13th Rector. He also stated his appreciation to the students who memorize Al-Quran. Furthermore, it was a right moment as there is a plan to establish Tahfizdul Qur’an (UKMTQ) UKM and it is fully supported.

“We very much welcome the plan on UKMTQ later on. Protect UNAIR with your recitations,” said UNAIR Rector.

Also present in the occasion, Director of Student Affairs Dr. M. Hadi Shubhan., SH., MH., CN., stated that the event was the realization of the motto, Excellence with Morallity. He also reminded the audience on the Prophet Muhammad SAW hadith on the order to decorate houses with Al-Quran recitation.

”Decorate your house with Qur’an recitation, it also means decorate the university as it is our house with the recitations,” he explained. (*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor    : Bambang Bes

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