Denali Athletes Pull Truck Tire Around Campus

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Team pulling truck tires weigh 15-20 kg. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – To climb Denali Mountain (6.190 meters above sea level) need more than excellent climbing skills, but the climbers should also smart in carrying their own stuff. If in other mountains, porters can be easily found, but not in Denali. Porters’ absence demands the climbers to manage their own stuff.

The climbers of Denali in order to get to the highest summit in North American, will carry stuffs from 100 to 140 pounds or 50-70 kg. “Because in Deali we can’t find porters, then the weight must be pulled with a sled,” said  M. Faishal Tamimi, the head of Airlangga Indonesia Denali Expedition (AIDEX) Wanala, Universitas Airlangga.

In order to accomplish the mission to climb the hisgest summit in North America, AIDEX team trained to carry their weight on sleds. The training was held in Campus C on Sunday, October 30.

If all the stuff is carried in a back pack, the climbers would have to carry two climbing bags, 60 liters and daypack 35 liters. andThat is why, every climber should carry their own weight in a backpack and sleds.

Sleds are not new in Denali, but AIDEX athletes will climb Denali for the first time and they will have to accustom them to sleds. To deal with the sleds, during practice the athletes team practiced by pulling truck tires weigh 15-20 kg.

“It is hard and tiring, not like what it seems,”

Bernat Yogi Abrian, AIDEX athlete from Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP)

Not only Bernat which deemed the practice was difficult. Rio, one of the AIDEX team, also imagined on how to pull the sleds in McKinley- other name of Denali- which the terrain varied and snowy.

“Pulling used tires is difficult, and it’s even more difficult to pull sleds in varied terrains and snowy,” said Rio.

With heavy condition, physics of Denali athletes should be accustomed to high pressure and focus. Of course, this practice should be done with high frequency and intensity. From 0.5 mile to 1 mile.

Yasak, AIDEX member who has also climbed Elbrus in 2011, said that Elbrus climbing (5,642 meters above sea level)demanded athletes to go uphill for 6 hours nonstop. “If climbing Elbrus, we got tired 10 folds, in Denali it can reaches 15-20  folds,” said Yasak, student of FISIP.

Authoro : Wahyu Nur Wahid (anggota tim AIDEX)
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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