In Celebration of Dies Natalis, UNAIR Holds Free Cataract Operation

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UNAIR NEWS – 62nd Dies Natalis of Universitas Airlangga is being celebrated with various activities. They are prepared well. One of the activities is free cataract operation for 30 patients who are economically challenged. It is going to be held on Saturday, November 5 2016.

Free cataract operation is a part of social service given by UNAIR in celebrating its Dies NAtalis. Beside free cataract operation, there was also a seminar on early cancer detection and healthy teeth and also blood donation.

The coordinator of free cataract operation, dr.  Maitri Anindita, Sp.M said that beside to celebrate Dies NAtalis, it is also held to inform the public that UNAIR Hospital also performs cataract operation.

“We started this cataract operation four or five months ago, because the device like miscroscope and other equipments have just arrived,” she said. “The patients indicated cataract were referred to dr. Soetomo (Hospital, ed),”added one of the specialists of UNAIR Hospital.

Dr. Maitri said actually the registration for free cataract operation has been closed on October 21. But because of many patients have troubles with the requirements, the registration was extended to Thursday, October 3.The public can register without any requirements as long as they have cataract.

“Actually the requirement from our sponsor demand a certificate of SKTM (showing economically challenged, ed), but many people have troubles as it is difficult to get it. So we extend the registration until Thursday, November 3. After 21st we got sponsor and without demanding SKTM requirement, as long asthey have cataract,” explained dr. Maitri.

With no requirements, as of Wednesday, November 2, dozens of people have registered for free cataract operation. But they are going to be checked first to make sure they have cataract.

“No all loss of vision are caused by cataract. Therefore, there will be a checking prior to the operation to make sure. We don’t want on the day, when we conduct screening, they do not have cataract, it’s unfortunate,” she said.

Dr. Maitri explained that a patient has cataract when they have clouding of their eyes natural lense, so they loss their vision rapidly. It differs cataract’s indication, with other loss of vision.

“All people have risk to have cataract due to the aging,” said dr. Maitri.

As planned, the free cataract operation will be held only in a day in an operating theater on the sevent floor of UNAIR Hospital. “If everything runs well, one cataract operation can be done one hour max, or at least half an hour,” she said.

Dr. Maitri elaborated that currently her team is performing operation manually as they do not have Phaco device. “We will carry out the operation manually, as we still do not have Phaco device. If we have it, patients with even half –developed cataract can be handled,” she said.

Free cataract operation is expected to held the people with no BPJS and experienced blindness, so they can see again weel. “If  it happens, their quality of life will be improved and they would not have to depend on others, they can be independent,” hoped dr. Maitri.

“Furthermore, this free cataract operation is also held to inform the public that we also perform cataract operation as any other private hospitals as well as to let them know that this hospital accepts BPJS,” she said. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Nuri Hermawan

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