Program Expects Feedbacks from Alumni

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The meeting of alumni, student association, and program management in Computer Lab 5, FST, on Wednesday, October 26. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Accreditation is one of many standards needed by the program to get recognition from the government. One of the indicators are graduates’ competence produced through educational process.

Regarding the pre-accreditation consolidation 2017, academicians of S1 Information System (SI), Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Universitas Airlangga held a meeting between alumni in SI Alumni Association (IKA SI) and Student Association of SI (HIMSI UNAIR). The meeting was held in Computer Lab 5, FST, on Wednesday, October 26. lakukan di laboratorium komputer 5 FST UNAIR, Rabu (26/10).

Head of SI Bachelor Program Badrus Zaman, S.Kom., M.Cs, said that the meeting was held to create synergy and collaboration between alumni, lecturers, and students. “With the establishment of IKA of Information System, we can create synergy and collaboration between alumni and program also the students, so it can close the gap of disparities between professional world and academic world,” said Badrus.

Badrus added that alumni is one important part of the system. They need to give feedbacks on the learning process in classes. Hopefully, the feedback can accommodate and improve the quality of the program.

Other role which alumni hold is to introduce professional world to students. Therefore, students can prepare well and early to face the competition . (*)

Author: Alifian Sukma
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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