FK UNAIR International Class Graduates Doctors from Malaysia

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Nurul Izzati with her family (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga has inaugurated new batch of doctors. In the fourth inauguration held on Thursday, October 27, there were 57 doctors inaugurated by FK Dean UNAIR Prof. Dr. Soetojo, dr., Sp.U. Interestingly, one of the doctors was from Malaysia. She was one of ten students of the pioneering FK UNAIR international class.

Nurul Izzati can feel relief now. As a foreign student, she was expected to learn more and adapt. But the woman from Selangor Malaysia, feels that her six year study has shown her challenges and, therefore, she got a lot of experiences.

It was started from her success passing through FK UNAIR selection held in 2010. She chose FK UNAIR even though at that time she also had other plan to study in Australia.

As the first graduate of FK UNAIR international class, Nurul and her other nine friends had to struggle as they are the pioneers. She really felt the difference of international curriculum and the regular one. The regular one has already been directed while the international class demands more independence.

The first international class was limited, only ten students. Therefore, intensity between lecturers and students was more intensive.

“This condition really makes our friendship close as we all started from nothing,” said Nurul.

Other challenges, they should look for learning materials by themselves. The lecturer only gives them the titles, then they discussed it in groups. In this regard, learning process was mostly in forms of discussions.

Handling Madurese Patient

As a foreign student, language is not actually a problem for her. During study, students and lecturers communicate in English. But she had to be more patient as she had to have practice in RSUD Dr Soetomo. She had to serve any patients from different regions.

“I once had a patient from Madura. The patient explained the condition but in local language. So I was really lost at that time. But I didn’t give up. I didn’t refer the patient to my friend. I asked my friend to translate what the patient wanted to say. A bit clumsy but I could handle it,” she said.

Nevertheless, Nurul felt that RSUD Dr. Soetomohas given her a lot of lessons and precious experiences. She learned a lot on how to handle patients with different characters and also the diseases.

“Diseases here and in Malaysia are almost the same. So there won’t be any problems when I have a practice in Malaysia, as I have learned a lot from this hospital,” she explained.

So, what is her plan after graduation? “I’m going back to Malaysia and start my career there,” she said. According to Malaysian regulation, new graduate of medicine is obliged to work for two years in state hospital. After that they can decide to study further to be specialists or start their own practice.

“I’ll follow the regulation, after that I don’t know yet. If along the way I meet a man destined for me. Maybe I’ll get married first,” she said with a smile. (*)

Author : Sefya Hayu
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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