Wanala UNAIR Performs Second Fitness Test

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Second Fitness Test (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Denali Mountain is not impossible to climb, yet it is not an easy task. A climber must prepare well the materials, climbing skills, physical also psychological endurance. For athletes, physical and mental fitness are main things needed to reach the highest peak in the northern hemisphere.

The future athletes of Airlangga Indonesia Denali Expedition (AIDeX) preformed fitness test in Physiology Department, Faculty of Medicine (FK), UNAIR on Wednesday, October 26. The first test was done in March 2016. This second test was done to know the development from the first test with some training done.

There were five people tested, M. Robby Yahya (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine, 23), Syaifful Akbaruddin (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, 23), Yasak (alumnus,26), Gangga Pamadya (Faculty of Economics and Business, 20), and Septian Rio (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, 20).

All of them went through series of tests such as vitality function, blood pressure, and oxygen max absorption during intensive activity(VO2 max).

“The tests were vitality function, pulse rate, blood pressure, weight, height, back, knee and hand muscles strength, flexibility, reaction time and VO2 max,” said Lilik Herawati dr., M.Kes., as the medical team.

The second fitness test lasted for two hours. The participants were tested in turns, so they did not have to queue. Two hours before the test, the participants had to have breakfast to give them energy.

Foto Bersama Calon Atlet dengan Lilik Herawati (Baju Kuning) di Laboratorium Ilmu FAAL FK UNAIR (Foto: Istimewa)
The candidates of Denali climbers with Lilik Herawati (in yellow veil) in the Physiology laboratory FK UNAIR. (Photo: Special)

“A day before the test we were suggested to do heavy activities and rest at least 8 hours so the results can be at max,” said Robby.

The results if the test will be compared to the first one to see the improvement. It will also decide the next training portions, should they be increased or decreased. As plan, there is one more test to do. It will be done in 2017 first trimester.

AIDeX  team is going to Denali in midyear of 2017. Three chosen climbers of WNALA UNAIR will try to climb the mountain which is 20,237 feet high or 6,168 m above the sea level.

Author: Wahyu Nur Wahid (AIDeX WANALA UNAIR team/FISIP student)
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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