Various Events on 62nd UNAIR Dies Natalis Celebration

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Baloons were let go to start Universitas Airlangga Dies Natalis celebration last year. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – On November 10, 2016, Universitas Airlangga officially celebrates its 62nd anniversary. There are various events started next week to celebrate the anniversary of beloved blue and yellow university.

Pursuant with its Motto, “Excellence with Morality”, UNAIR Dies Natalis will be started with Khatamul Alquran on November 3 and 4 followed with Airlangga Berselawat on November 5.

“We will start it with prayers, pursuant to Excellence with Morality, religious morality,” said Prof. Tri Martiana, Head of 62nd UNAIR Dies Natalis committee.

Dean of Faculty of Public Health (FKM)  also stated that all events of celebration are related to University Tri Dharma. There will be also a feast, social service, scientific oration, Tour de Campus, Airlangga Fiesta (Public Fair), Great Harvest, Indonesia Research and Innovation Expo (IRIEX) and traditional puppet show.

“It is a unification of our academic atmosphere. It is dynamic. So all University Tri Dharma elements are considered. It is actualization of UNAIR, there is education and research development, community care, faith and arts. For its arts element we present traditional puppet show on King Airlangga story. It is closely related to UNAIR history,” she explained.

“Everything is prepared well and as detailed as possible,” she added.

Campus C Lake Harvest

Among the celebrations, there is a public fair named Airlangga Fiesta which will be held on November 5-6. There will be a bazaar, coloring contest for kindergarten kids, Geliat program (health checks for mother and children) and also family photo-taking.

“Everything is free of charge,” said Dr. Abdul Samik, Public Fair coordinator.

There will be at least 300 stands for the bazaar in Airlangga Fiesta. To make it interesting, some lucky costumers in Airlangga Fiesta will get free fish from Great Harvest event on November 6.

Great Harvest is an event of UNAIR followed by the public in a callisthenic activity, massage and fish roasting from the fish reared in Campus C UNAIR.

“To make it interesting, the customers buying from stands will get fish from Great Harvest of Campus C lake, followed with a callisthenic activity,” said Samik. “Seven thousand freshmen are obliged to attend as it is the expected great celebration by all, so this Dies Natalis can be a lot merrier,” he added. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Defrina Sukma S

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