Thematic KKN, UNAIR Foreign Students Assist Mothers with Pregnancy

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Director of Education Universitas Airlangga Prof. Dr. Dra. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, M.Si. (Photo: Defrina Sukma S)

UNAIR NEWS – Community Service Program – Learning Together with Community (KKN-BBM) is an excellent program of Universitas Airlangga. Through KKN-BBM, UNAIR students are encouraged to connect directly to the community along with the problems.

This time, there were 38 foreign and local students learning together in Thematic KKN – BBM. The participants were 5 students of S-1 UNAIR, 13 students from National Student Exchange (Permata) program, 11 foreign students from Brunei Darussalam University, and 7 foreign students of S-2 UNAIR.

The program is conducted from September 30 to November 5 in two areas in Surabaya, Kelurahan Airlangga and Kelurahan Menur Pumpungan, Sukolilo. The participants of Thematic KKN – BBM are divided evenly in those two areas.

Director of Education UNAIR Prof. Dr. Dra. Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, M.Si, said that Thematic KKN – BBM this time focused on decreasing mother and infant mortality rate as it is still quite high in East Java.

“If in the regular KKN – BBM, there are four sectors, health, environment, economics and community empowerment. This thematic KKN-BBM is focused on health especially mother and infant mortality rate. Mortality rate caused by labor is still quite high,” said the Director of Education UNAIR.

To suppress mother and infant mortality rate, the participants of thematic KKN-BBM will participate in a community in UNAIR called Healthy Mother and Infant Care Movement (Geliat). The community was initiated by a lecturer from Faculty of Public Health (FKM) UNAIR Dr. Nyoman Anita Damayanti, drg., M.Kes, and supported by United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

Peserta KKN-BBM Tematik melakukan pendampingan terhadap ibu hamil. (Foto: Istimewa)
A participant of Thematic KKN-BBM giving guidance to a pregnant mother (Photo: Special)

One of the participants of Thematic KKN-BBM in Menur Pumpungan, Winahyu Dwi Hapsari, shared her story when she was giving guidance to mother with pregnancy until the end of post natal bleeding. The participants are assigned to collect data and give counsel to mothers.

“We are briefed by Geliat activists to collect data as not all mothers with pregnancy were recorded. We went door to door to their houses. From the data collection, if there is a problem, we provide guidance. As one of the team members was from FKM, we also gave knowledge on pregnancy, on the risks and dangers,” said Winahyu, a student of S-1 Nursing, Faculty of Nursing (FKp) UNAIR.

During the implementation of Thematic KKN – BBM, the participants also held other activities in other sectors, education, environment, economics, and community empowerment. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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