Studies Two Religious Films, Intan Fitranisa Graduated Best from S2 FISIP

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Intan Fitranisa, M.Med., Kom, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences best graduate of master program with GPA 3.86 (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Who does not know films like “99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa” and “Haji Backpaker”?Both were successful Indonesian films as they portrayed interesting and unique aspects of Islam. For Intan Fitranisa, M.Med., Kom, her interests on them made her studied those films for her master program thesis in FISIP UNAIR.

Why did she write a thesis titled “Membaca film Indonesia bertema Religi: Studi Film Discourse Interpretation tentang Identitas Keislaman dalam film 99 cahaya di Langit Eropa & Haji Backpacker”, she thought that those films offered different discourse on Islam identity in the global context.

“For me, studying media and Islam was something new as I usually studied more on women, gender and ethnicity,” said the alumnus of SMAN 5 Surabaya born on May 18, 1998.

She explained that 99 Cahaya di Langit Eropa and Haji Backpacker showed different discourse on Islamic identity. It was because they focused on two different things in representing Islamic identity in the global context.

She did her research for two semesters and supervised by Prof. Rachma Ida, Dra., M.Comm., Ph.D and Dr. Yayan Sakti Suryandaru, S.Sos., MSi. Intan admitted that both challenged her for the research, especially on the theoretic and methodological approach and details during assessment. During her study she was also a researcher, a consultant and an artist.

Graduated with GPA 3.86 and named as the best graduate of S2 FISIP, Intan said that her success was because her all out efforts during her study in campus. She also enjoyed her activities. “For this, I am grateful for my parents and friends as they give full supports to do my passion all this time,” said Intan. (*)

Author: Moh Ahalla Tsauro
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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