Rita Yuliana, FEB Best Doctorate Graduate, Hafizh Mohammad Wants to Be Researcher

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Rita Yuliana (left) FEB Best Doctoral program graduate and Hafizh Mohammad best graduate of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) Universitas Airlangga. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – After the dark, comes the light. Dr. Rita Yuliana, SE., MSA., Ak, CA., knew best what is meant by that phrase as she was named as the best graduate of doctoral program of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Universitas Airlangga in September graduation. She has experienced hardships during her study.

Rita Yuliana wisudawan terbaik S3 (Doktoral) Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis (FEB) (Foto: Istimewa)
Rita Yuliana the best doctoral program graduate of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) (Photo: Special) 

“I didn’t pass my proposal exam. So I had to start over again. I was really down because of it. But Alhamdulillah it didn’t last long. With the bitter experience I carefully finished my dissertation, and finally it’s finished,” said the woman from Madura graduated with GPA 3.88.

She was happy and grateful as she never thought she would be best graduate. It is a blessing from God. Regarding her dissertation, Rita studied real revenue management in sharia capital market in Indonesia. The management was different from the conventional capital market.

“But the investors in sharia capital market have better capability to detect risks in the practice, especially supported with information on audit quality,” said the graduate born in Blitar on July 1, 1980.

What are the methods to get this academic achievement? “The keys are enduring all discomforts and fighting your own ego. They must be achieved. It is a proof that determination never betrays you. Hopefully all these blessings given to me will make me a better person and useful to anyone,” she said.

After graduation, the lecture of Universitas Trunojoyo, Madura, still wants to achieve her dreams to be a professor. “Alhamdulillah, this doctoral diploma will be important to achieve my dream. Learning in UNAIR provides me knowledge to write scientifically and strong accounting foundation,” she said.

Hafizh Muhammad Inspired To Be Researcher

Hafizh Mohammad wisudawan terbaik Fakultas Perikanan dan Kelautan (FPK) Universitas Airlangga. (Foto: Istimewa)
Hafizh Mohammad best graduate of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) Universitas Airlangga (Photo: Special) 

MEANWHILE, Hafizh Muhammad Noor, S.Pi., was named as the best graduate of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) UNAIR with GPA 3.89. The man from Sragen, Central Java during his study was active in Student Executive Board (BEM) and community services in his faculty.

Even though he was active in organizations, he also often conducted research. He was known for his enthusiasm in research, and he often became an intern in some lecturers’ research. One of his research called “Fishery Product Bacterial Identification in East Surabaya” has been published in one of FPK UNAIR journals.

Regarding his interest in research, he admitted that he was inspired by Vice Rector III UNAIR Prof. Mohammad Amin Alamsyah, who was his thesis supervisor. Why? Prof. Amin has published a lot of his researches.

Regarding his thesis research, Hafizh studied carrageenan characterization of Kappaphycus alvarezii with different solutions. In his research he explained modern seaweed production through simple method to produce high value products.

Hafizh admitted that he did not have any special means to be best graduate. He just maximized his abilities as student, in the classes or outside classes. “Actually this predicate of best graduate was from the existing parameter, not only excellent GPA but also from the activeness in organizations, social life and if necessary participation in student exchange program,” he said.

Because of his family and lecturers’ supports, he wants to learn further to master program. In the future, he hoped that he can be active in research useful for the society. “I want to be a researcher, Prof. Amin inspired me to provide solutions to problems in Indonesian fishery sector. I hope I can do it,” he said. (*)

Author: Farida Hariani and Dilan Salsabila
Editor: Bambang ES

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