Nursing Students Hold PKL in Krembangan Surabaya

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UNAIR Nursing students serve the locals consulting and checking their health in a social service in “Roadshow Pahlawan Ekonomi” in Dupak Bandarejo, Surabaya on Sunday October 16. (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – Nursing profession program students of Faculty of Nursing (FKp) Universitas Airlangga contributed  in the City Administration of Surabaya’s event,  “Roadshow Pahlawan Ekonomi” held in Dupak Bandarejo, Krembangan subdistrict, on Sunday, October 16. Their stand is the most visited by the elderlies who wanted to have their health checked and a consultation. Even before the event even started, there were many of them asked for service.

Zaki Mubarak, Head of the FKp UNAIR committee for social service said that the students participated for the roadshow were the first group of B-17. They had been doing their field practice (PKL) for the last six weeks in RW IV and RW V of Dupak Bandarejo. When there is one more week for the PKL and they got assigned for the roadshow,  then by invitation they opened their social service stand.

”In turns to serve the sugar blood checking and blood pressure was S1 students, while for the consultation handled by master students,” said Zaki.

B-17 group is the group of Profession program students (S-1) from three year program (D-3) who have had jobs. There are 83 people in the family and community of health nursing, divided into 2 sessions. There are 40 students from the first session, and the second one will hold the next PKL starting in the eight weeks and so on.

”So this PKL is similar with KKN but in this activity we have to be one team and supervised by the local Puskesmas,” said Zaki Mubarak.

The programs implemented during this program were: KIA health (Mother and children), environmental health, teenagers health and elderly health. UKS was included in it in schools. So all programs were for the locals, what they need, follow-up, etc.

“Our assignments here were giving counsels on health, including healthy life style. Therefore, we’re grateful that we were involved in this roadshow as we could give impact to wider society in this event,” said Zaki Mubarak. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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