Extra Effort in Finishing Research, Roisah Graduated Best From S-2 Pharmacy

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Roisah Nawatila best master program graduate Faculty of Pharmacy with an almost perfect GPA, 3.93. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – “I had to work harder to finish my research for my thesis, as at that time I was pregnant,” said Roisah Nawatila, during interview with UNAIR NEWS on her struggle finishing her master study in Faculty of Pharmacy in Universitas Airlangga.

Through hardwork, Roisah was finally beautifully rewarded as she was named as the best graduate of master program of Faculty of Pharmacy. Finishing her thesis during pregnancy was believed to be her biggest challenge.

She even had contraction shortly before the seminar and final exam of her thesis. Therefore she had to delay her final exam until the birth of her child. After that, Roisah even had to bring her two-week-old baby to campus to manage her final exam.

She has faced a lot of hardships during her study. When she was conducting dissolution test for her research sample, the laboratory’s power was suddenly out. “Because of the black out, I had to start the dissolution test all over again. But luckily, there is still some sample left,” she said in relief.

She finally made it in finishing her study. Her thesis “Acyclovir Cocrystal Formation through Coform Nicotinamide Made through Solution Condensation with Variable Solutions” was finished with great result, an almost perfect GPA 3.93.

Roisah admitted than there are no special tricks to get the achievements. “Most important thing is never surrender, always think positive and believe that nothing is impossible. And I believed that I can,” said Roisah Nawatila. (*)


Author: Akhmad Janni

Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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