Physiotherapist Khabib Abdullah Graduated Best From S-2 FK

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Khabib Abdullah, M.Ikor, was named as the best Master program graduate from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga. (Photo: Special)

UNAIRA physiotherapist of Siloam Hospital Surabaya, Khabib Abdullah, M.Ikor, was named as the best Master program graduate from Faculty of Medicine Universitas Airlangga. He finished his Sports Medicine FK UNAIR with almost perfect GPA 3.98 as he has defended his thesis titled “Effects of Somatosensory Stimulation on Feet to Static and Dynamic Balance of Elderly”.

As a physiotherapist, he was inspired to conduct the research after he has treated a stroke patient. He applied a method called somatosensory stimulation on feet of elderly. All this time, elderly move less so it affects their balance. He got a statement after he conducted research in an elderly home.

“All this time, balance training focused on muscle strength such as calisthenics, but the sensory aspect has never been touched. The sensory aspects like visual (eye), vestibular (ear), and somatosensory (leg). As the eye and ear can’t be intervened by physiotherapy then stimulation somatosenory is chosen as balance stimulant,” said Khabib.

Even though Khabib is busy with his routines as physiotherapist and a student at that time, the man born in Karanganyar, Central Java, does not forget his interest since he was in Junior high school, playing musics, composing and being in a musical group with his friends.

“During SMP in 1997, inspired by Dewa 19, I started to learn to play the guitar, and the drums through hitting pans and pillows. If there is a song, I always imagine how the drums played. From it, I composed my own songs, inspiration was still Dewa 19 and Ahmad Dhani. The first song was composed in SMP,” said the man born in 1984.

When I was in SMA, he started a band called Satisfy. It lasted until he went to college in Surakarta. In 2006 he decided to work in Surabaya and it disbanded. Even though it disbanded, he continued writing songs. In 2012 he found a job placement in a recording studio as song arranger.

“Finally I tried and it was great. Then I recorded six of my songs. In the “Summer Hymn” album, I was a producer, guitarist, vocalist and bass player. The rest was assisted by studio operator. In 2014, I sent my record to a regional competition in East Java, and got the third place as best songwriter,” said Khabib. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma

Editor: Dilan Salsabila

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