Media and Communications Master Program Intensifies Promotion and Internationalization

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Dr. Santi Isnaini, S.Sos., MM., as the Head of Media and Communications program. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Since its establishment in 2002, Media and Communications Master program of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) has been improving towards betterment. Various ways have been done to become a reputable and acknowledge master program.

Interviewed in lecturers’ room of UNAIR Communications Department, on Thursday, October 13, Dr. Santi Isnaini, S.Sos., MM., as the Head of Media and Communications program elaborated her method to lead the only program accredited A in Indonesia.

“For Media and Communications master program in Indonesia, we are the only one accredited A,” she said.

Santi also explained a lot of things which needed to be done to make her program even better, such as by cooperating with scholarship awarding institutions, either government or private. Furthermore, Santi also emphasized the importance of involving all academicians in research collaboration with other universities.

“There are some research collaboration offers from universities in Australia and Singapore for lectures. We also try to send our students to joint research with students abroad. We push them to do it, we try to improve the program and give the best for them,” she said.

Steps deemed important for Santi to develop Media and Communications master program are inviting lecturers to give lectures as well as improving quality of the internal lecturers.

“We will intensify invitation to quality lecturers, and we’ll be fortunate if there are lecturers finished with their doctorate and teach again,” she said. “It will give more value to the program,” she added.

Even though there are obstacles, Santi will always develop the program until she finished her period of service. For her to develop the program, she needs supports from all elements and various promotional means.

“If we talk about branding, it is always related with the enthusiasts of the program. Even though there are many, we still need enthusiasts with appropriate skills, we also need even distribution, as so far they have been from the eastern Indonesia, we expect some from the western part too,” she explained.

Beside intensifying promotion, Santi also has a target to conduct international seminar in a regular base. From the seminars, Santi expects the result would be Scopus indexed papers.
“It is also to give the students experience and knowledge to draft a journal, and it is part of collaboration of lecturers, students and university staff,” she said. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Dilan Salsabila

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