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UNAIR NEWS – Do you like writing and own a blog? There no harm in participating in “UNAIR Blogging Competition” which was just started its registration. Universitas Airlangga is organizing a blog competition for anyone, students, employees or general public.

The coordinator of “UNAIR Blogging Competition” Muhammad Izharuddin who is also a staff of Planning and Development Board (BPP) said that the competition is held to improve awareness of external stakeholders especially netizen on UNAIR which is heading towards world class university.

“So, if there are people want to participate, they will search for materials on UNAIR. They will visit UNAIR official website and UNAIR NEWS. Then they will be aware that UNAIR is going towards world class university. Then they will participate and also spread anything related to UNAIR,” said Izhar.

Anyone can participate. The committee opens registration through two options, as students and the public. As students, any students from UNAIR or other universities can join while for public, anyone can join as long as they have school student number, ID card or license.

“The requirement obliges them to have blogs, and at least 20 posts unrelated to UNAIR. The articles posted are free with no SARA issues, plagiarism, and related to UNAIR such as “Experience of being treated in UNAIR Hospital”, “10 Tips to be students of Excellence with Morality”, and others.

To decide the winner, the judges will assess the blog post fulfilled the requirements on the site. The winner is decided through a transparent and open drawing. Ahmad Muhriz, UNAIR Blogging Competition team, said that the more articles posted, the more chance they have to win.

“The criteria of judgement followed the requirements. It was decided through a transparent and open drawing. So this it is a lucky chance competition. The more articles registered, the more chances to win,” said Ahmad.

The registration opens from October 5 to December 22 2016, and the name of the winners will be announced on December 23 2016 in social media account of UNAIR. The regulations and requirements of the competition can be accessed in bpp.unair.ac.id/ketentuanlomba or through LINE account of UNAIR Blogging Competition committee, @AHY3214W and Facebook page UNAIR Blogging. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S
Editor: Faridah Hari

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