Faiq Hardwork Makes Her Best Graduate of Postgraduate Program

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Faiq Nadiatul Mardia Asa named as the best graduate of Postgraduate school Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) with GPA 3.93.

UNAIR NEWS – The importance of wound dressing treatment in an accident was the focus of Faiq Nadiatul Mardia Asa, MT’s thesis. The woman born in Jember focused her research on wound dressing treatment for medium to heavy wound with natural materials like collagen from fish scale, alginate from the brown sea algae, also silver nanoparticle addition.

Her thesis was titled “Komposit Kolagen Fibril-Alginat-Nanopartikel Perak Sebagai Kandidat Membran Hidrogel Skin Substitute Anti Bakteri” made her named as the best graduate of Postgraduate school Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) with GPA 3.93.

“Being the best graduate is the reward of hard work during study and doing last assignment. Always be spirited and never cease to keep trying, even though there is problem at college,” said Faiq.

She said that the material researched is ideal and can be used as biocompatible wound dressing.

“This wound dressing is biocompatible, so it is effective, safe and accelerate the wound treatment. Besides, the material is economical so it can decrease imported wound dressing,” she added.

When she was a Biomedical Engineering student, she admitted that her research should have been done outside UNAIR. Because of her two supervising lecturers, Dr. Sri Sumarsih., M.Si., and Andi Hamim Zaidan, M.Si., Ph.D, finally Faiq could finish her study in two years only.

“There were various insights I got from Biomedical Engineering. The program covers a lot of discipline and it can be considered as complex. But to get valid testing results, I tested the research in labs in ITS, Universitas Negeri Malang dan Universitas Brawijaya,” she said.

Her long journey collecting data taught her to always keep her spirits in doing everything as she believes with the blessings of God and parents. (*)


Author: Disih Sugiarti

Editor: Binti Quryatul Masruroh.

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