Scouting Club, Camp and Immerse in Entrepreneurship

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Basic Scout Camp (BSC) held by Scouting Club UNAIR visiting tempe and tofu entrepreneurs in Sidoarjo. (Photo: Akhmad Janni)

UNAIR NEWS –  Scouting club is usually identical with camping activity held on Friday and Saturday (Perjusa) or on Saturday and Sunday (Persami). But for Universitas Airlangga students Scouting club means more than those activities.

For four days, from Thursday evening September 29, to Sunday evening October 2, the members of Scouting club held Basic Scout Camp (BSC) in two places. The basic camp was set in Campus C UNAIR and in Spande Village, Candi, Sidoarjo.

The camp activity was held out of the ordinary. Beside the camping, they also held writing workshop, and learned entrepreneurship from the community. “In this BSC activity, we merge camping activity and taking part in the community. So we directly followed the community activity,” said Khoirul Anam as the head of BSC committee.

In the weekend, the group of Scouting club visited a workshop of tempe and tofu production of the local entrepreneur. “Furthermore, the participants also visited Prof. Budi’s yard. There were cows and goats so the participants can learn and take part in looking after the animals,” said Anam.

One of the participants of BSC was Eka Titik. She was a student of psychology who is also the Head of Scouting Club, said that BSC activity was quite fun. The most interesting part according to Eka was when she can see directly the process of tempe and tofu production.

“The material was interesting and the visit was fun. I know directly the process of tempe and tahu production, not only from the book or television,” she said.

Similar opinion made by a student of Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Ahmad Nur Hadi. BSC has given him experience and knowledge especially on economic writing. “For the writing and practical material, it motivated me to write non-fiction. My economic insight was also expanded through the visit,” said the deputy of Scouting club.

Beside them, there was also Reny Rachmalia of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FPK) who got new experience through BSC. “It was my first experience slept in a shed and practiced writing at least 500 words. Finally, I was motivated to write often,” said Reny.

Author: Akhmad Janni

Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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