Enjoy the Learning Process, Rahma Sugihartati’s Trick to Best Graduate

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Rahma Sugihartati, lecturer of IIP FISIP UNAIR named as best graduate of S3 FISIP UNAIR UNAIR. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Enjoying the learning process is one of Rahma Sugihartati’s keys to success during her study. She tried to enjoy the learning process, including reading references and doing assignments, so she was not burdened by them. The lecturer of Information and Library Science (IIP) was named as the best graduate of S3 FISIP UNAIR in September 2016 graduation. It was a perfect achievement with perfect GPA 4.0.

“I understand the difficulty faced by students is on how to keep their learning passion alive. There are many students during classes seemed diligent but when they have to work individually for finishing dissertation, they stop. The point is to enjoy and keep the spirits alive, that’s the key to students’ success,” said the Head of IIP Department,  FISIP UNAIR.

The alumnus of SMA Santa Maria Surabaya always conduct studies based on her competence and related to the impacts of the internet, information community development and reading interest. The woman born on April 1, 1965 wrote dissertation titled “Subculture of Digital Youth on Global Popular Culture Fandom. Discourse Analysis on Consumption and Meaning Production of Cultural Text in Digital Era.”  She focused on that study as it is her interest and the subject she teaches. Furthermore, the study was part of post-modern society development which is rarely studied.

The success in finishing her study for two years could not be separated from her promoter, Prof. Heru Nugroho, Ph.D and Co-Promoter, Prof. Rachmah Ida, Ph.D. The mother of a child felt lucky  being supervised by the experts of the field she studied who gave her freedom to explore during the analysis and theoretical implications of the study.

Rahma is an avid author. Some of her books published were “Membaca, Gaya Hidup dan Kapitalisme” (2010; Graha Ilmu), “Perkembangan Masyarakat Informasi dan Teori-Teori Sosial Kontemporer” (2012; Prenada Kencana Media). (*)

Author: Moh Ahala Tsauro
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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