UNAIR Basketball Players Win Two Medals for East Java

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I Komang Septian Sudhana during the game. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Basketball players of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) who compete in National Games (PON) XIX West Java have contributed two medals for East Java. The three basketball players were Nilam R. Savitri (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences) , Annisa Widyarni (FISIP), and I Komang Septian Sudhana (Faculty of Economics and Business).

Nilam and Annisa were in the women basketball team and Komang was in the men basketball team of East Java. In PON XIX, the women team got a bronze, while the men team won a silver.

Even though they could not get gold medals, but they have done their best to win. It was stated by Nilam to UNAIR NEWS on Friday, September 29.

Alhamdulillah. We are glad, even though we couldn’t get gold. We missed the target. We are defeated by Central Java in the semifinal,” said Nilam.

The excitement and nervousness came to the student of FISIP UNAIR especially when her team played West Java. In the semifinal they women basketball team played Central Java but they were defeated 62 -56.

“The stadium was full, as if it was a final. It was just a qualifying round. Second game was not so tense until finally we played central Java. We had a tight game in the semifinal. There was a moment when the score 55-56 (Central java – East Java). But they could get more points. While East Java only got 56. Central Java won. We cried as our target actually was gold. The other day, for the bronze medal we played West Java and won,” said Nilam who has been twice participated in PON.

If the women team got bronze, the men got silver. Komang, UNAIR basketball player in East Java team said that he was grateful that he could be a part of PON XIX West Java.

Nilam R. Savitri, Annisa Widyarni, dan anggota lainnya dari tim basket putri Jatim ketika berlaga di PON XIX Jawa Barat. (Foto: Istimewa)
Nilam R. Savitri, Annisa Widyarni, and other East Java players in PON XIX West Java. (Photo: Special)

“I am happy and proud as I can take part and be trusted by East Java team, and contribute a medal for my hometown,” said Komang.

Regarding the preparation, Komang said that he and his team trained for almost a year for PON. “The preparation was concentrated in Surabaya. There was some sparring games with CLS Knight and other PON teams visiting Surabaya. There was also a training camp in Taiwan and sparring game with a professional club in Taiwan and the last we played with Stadium and Aspac Jakarta,” said Komang.

During final men basketball PON XIX, East Java team was defeated by West Java with final score 62-49. “During final, we played a tight game with West Java. But as they played home, they had more confidence and enjoyed the game more. It was quite an interesting game. The Sport center was full, no empty seats left. Some enthusiasts could only listen from outside the building,” said Komang. (*)

Author : Defrina Sukma S
Editor    : Binti Q. Masruroh

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