Rusdianto Sesung, FH Best Doctoral Graduate

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Dr. Rusdianto Sesung, S.H., MH. named as the best doctoral graduate FH UNAIR with GPA 3.87. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Tradition of being the best graduate has always been maintained by Dr. Rusdianto Sesung, S.H., MH. From elementary school to senior high school, he always finished with the highest national exam result. Even during his study at college from bachelor to doctoral degree, Rusdi also became the best graduate.

In 2009 he was the best graduate of bachelor program Faculty of Law Universitas Mataram with perfect GPA 4.0. Then in 2011 he was also graduated as the best for master program FH Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) with GPA 3.95. And just now, he was named as the best graduate of doctoral program FH UNAIR with GPA 3.87. “From bachelor to doctoral I always took Constitutional Law so it is always linear,” he said.

Asked for his tips to be the best, FH lecturer of Universitas Narotama Surabaya has a simple principle, love for knowledge. “Love the knowledge that you learn, as you love your soul mate, your saturation during study will be over,” he said.

He has also shared his knowledge. Beside students and lecturers, he was also an expert staff of DPRD East Java Province, DPRD Sidoarjo, legal consultant of East Java administration, Gresik and also Tuban regency.

He admitted that his choice of career was a correct one as it is linear with what he learned. “When you have chosen, be grateful, Allah will add more the blessings,” said the 28 year old doctor.

In his dissertation, the Head of Master program of Law Universitas Narotama focused on regional autonomy. The title was “National Legal Unity Principle in Producing Legal Product of Special Autonomous Region”. (*)

Author: Nuri Hermawan
Editor: Deprina Sukma Satiti

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