Concern to Pregnant Mothers, FKG UNAIR Holds Dental and Oral Examination

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Dental and oral examination performed by a doctor of UNAIR. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – In order to implement one of its University Tri Dharma values, Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) UNAIR held a community service program in one of Family Prosperity Development (PKK) cadre’s house in Kali Rungkut Jalan  Kedungasem Number 32 Kali, on Wednesday, September 14.

The event involved five students of UNAIR, five students of Hiroshima University, Japan, Department of Public Dental Health (IKGM), three dentists and one supervising lecturer also 15 pregnant mothers from three different neighboring units of Kedungasem.

Dental and oral hygiene often deemed trivial by some part of community. There are many people have not understood the risks of ignoring dental and oral hygiene, especially for pregnant mothers. One of the dentists of Specialist Dentistry Program (PPDGS) on periodontics UNAIR said that dental and oral hygiene for pregnant mothers are important.

“If they do not manage well, there will be risk of miscarriage or premature birth. Before planning a pregnancy, they should have complete general check up, including the dental and oral hygiene,” said Made Deby Artika, drg. MM.

During the examination, she said that dental check-up can be done once in six months, except there is a gum swelling.

“Maintenance measure should be done at least once in two or three weeks, it is important as the hormone production is not stable,” she said.

Based on the check-up, the data acquired showed fluctuations. The fact showed that from 15 pregnant mothers, they have low awareness on dental maintenance.

“The dentist said that my teeth were not so clean. Usually if I’m not pregnant, I always brush my teeth and check them up, but now I often feel lazy to do it. But after participating in this examination and counseling, I will clean my teeth regularly and we hope that similar events would follow,” said Nur Laila, said one of the inhabitants of Kedungasem. (*)

Author : Disih Sugianti
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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