Often Tutoring Friends, Mutia Becomes Best Graduate of Faculty of Vocations

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Mutia Ulfa Arianie, A.Md., best graduate of Faculty of Vocations (FV) with GPA 3.99. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS –  Happiness and joy overwhelmed Mutia Ulfa Arianie, A.Md., when she was named as the best graduate of Faculty of Vocations (FV) for September 2016 graduation. The graduate of D-3 Accounting achieved almost perfect GPA, 3.99. It might be the result of her helpful trait as she often tutored her friends.

“The learning was in classes and then if I tutored my friends it felt like learning too. So before helping them I usually read the book again first,” recalled the student of 2013.

In the beginning of her study, Mutia always convinced herself to be the best. She admitted that she did emphasize to study all the time. She just tried to take the most of her classes. “Actually, if you want to be the best you have to intend for it at first. So since the beginning, we had done the best,” she said.

For her final assignment titled “Perlakuan Akuntansi Atas Pendapatan Jasa PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali Services”, Mutia discussed about the conformity of accounting procedure on the company’s income with financial accounting standard statement, and the effects on the company’s financial report. The research took her three months to finish, from the data collection to the analysis.

With discipline and strong resolve to be the best, Mutia got 4.00 GPA since the first semester. It was also because of supports given by her family which always motivated her to study. After the graduation, she has planned to look for a job and enroll for taxation course before continuing to bachelor degree.

”I’m happy that I could make my parents happy with my achievements, hopefully in the future I can keep making them feel that way. They always motivate me,” said Mutia. (*)

Author: Faridah Hariani
Editor: Dilan Salsabila

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