IR-FEST, Unique and Educative Orientation for HI Freshmen

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Freshmen learning diplomacy and negotiation in Short Diplomacy Course (SDC). It was a part of “International Relations Fun-Educational Self Improvement (IR-FEST)”. (Photo: M. Ahalla Tsauro)

UNAIR NEWS – It is no longer the time to hold student orientation and introduce campus through seniority and violence. Freshmen should be welcome with an interesting, good and educative orientation.

It was what International Relations (HI) Student Association, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Airlangga did through “International Relations Fun-Educational Self Improvement (IR-FEST)”.

IR-FEST was a series of events like Paper Clinic, Short Diplomacy Course (SDC), International Day Project (IDP), International Relations Introduction of Survival(IRIS), and many more. The event was held in FISIP UNAIR on Friday, September 17 and Saturday, September 18 and aimed to educate the freshmen on HI UNAIR prospective programs.

In SDC, freshmen were invited to simulate the UN Conference. The topic was “Military Intervention in Syirian Civil War Airstrikes and Civilian Death”. In the simulation, freshmen took part as the delegates of countries, and used diplomacy to achieve each country target. Through SDC, freshmen were trained to speak publicly and use diplomacy and negotiate.

The head of IR-FEST, Abdel Rafi, explained that IR-FEST has prepared IR-FEST for the freshmen so their ability improved. “Freshmen should be pushed to get confidence, even though they were forced at first. But later on, they will be used to it and have more confidence,” said the student of HI UNAIR.

Bima Anditya, spokeperson of IR-FEST also said that the event was an entry point for freshmen to get resolve as they learn in HI UNAIR. “IR-FEST is the first door for HI students as later on they will study there. This event was recommended by HI UNAIR freshmen,” said Bima.

Other event in IR-FEST was paper clinic. Essay assignment is a routine task given to HI students. In order to help them to prepare their essays, a workshop on writing essay and citation was held.

IDP event was also interesting. It was held in Surabaya Zoo as a social event which campaign the animals’ protection to the public and the zoo visitors. In IDP, the committee collaborated with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Indonesia, and Tunas Hijau NGO.

It was responded positively by the Zoo management. According to the management, it can give positive impact to bring more concern towards animals. Furthermore, the 15 hectare zoo was celebrating its 50th anniversary and there will be World Animal Day on Tuesday, October 4. (*)

Author : M. Ahalla Tsauro
Editor: Defrina Sukma S

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