Coastal Area Care, UNAIR Banyuwangi Contribution on Environmental Preservation

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Coral reefs were planted on the ocean floor, in Kampe Beach, Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi, on Saturday, September 29. (Photo: Siti Mufaidah)

UNAIR NEWS – Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) PPD Banyuwangi academicians held another event with positive contribution on environmental preservation. This time, the coastal area of Kampe Beach, Wongsorejo Subdistrict, Banyuwangi was chosen as the spot of the event held on Saturday, September 29.

Deddy Poerba Anggara, the head of the committee of Coastal Area Care (CAC) said that the events were coral reefs transplants, the Australian pine tree and mangrove plantings, and also grouper fish seed spreading to the sea.

The CAC event was held with 200 participants from students, college or high schools, and environmental communities in Banyuwangi. Some locals were also involved. They worked together to make the event titled “My Nature for the Future of Life and Generations,” a success.

”The objectives of this event was to invite, involve and disseminate the love of nature to society especially youngsters,” said Deddy.

The head of Fisheries and Marine PDD UNAIR Banyuwangi, Prayogo, S.P1., MP., hoped that the event will not stop only at this and merely ceremony, but should be continued next year. He hoped there will be more young generation who love the environments and preserve them.

”We hope that this Coastal Area Care can be carried out well not only as an activity but also as organization which professionally manage the nature’s preservation especially in coastal areas,” he said.

Penanaman pohon bakau di lahan mangrov oleh mahasiswa UNAIR Banyuwangi di Pantai Kampe, kec. Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi, Sabtu (29/9). (Foto: Siti Mufaidah)
UNAIR Banyuwangi students in Kampe Beach, Wongsorejo, Banyuwangi, on Saturday, September 29. (Photo: Siti Mufaidah)

According to Diana, 2015 student of Fisheries and Marine UNAIR Banyuwangi, coral reefs are places for shelters, spawning area and feeding ground especially for decorative fish, therefore we should preserve them.

”So is the tree and mangrove plantings, they are coastal vegetation which holds important role to prevent beach abrasion. So they should also be preserved so the coastal area balance can be maintained,” said Diana.

For Yunus, a freshmen of FPK 2016, Coastal Area Care was inspiring. It could not be valued with money. “There should be more activities like this so we can get more experience in the fields,” said Yunus.

Beside the preservation activity, there was also a talk show attended by many elements in Banyuwangi such as students and environmental communities. (*)

Author: Siti Mufaidah
Editor : Bambang ES

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