Austronesian Humanity Expert of Hamburg University Shares Insight on Literacy

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Prof. Dr. Jan Van Der Putten, during his oration in WS. Rendra Hall Faculty of Humanities UNAIR on Wednesday, September 7. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Cultural Study Unit of East Java (UK2JT) has invited a Dutch Austronesian expert Prof. Dr. Jan Van Der Putten to give oration on tradition and literacy in Indonesian cultural history.

The event held in WS. Rendra Hall, Faculty of Humanities UNAIR on Wednesday, September 7 was a routine event. It was held to provide insight on literacy in cultural history of Indonesia which is usually not given for the general students.

“Welcome and hopefully we got more knowledge on literacy,” said the head of UK2JT Dra. Adi Setijowati, M.Hum. “Beside humanity oration, we will hold a seminar and humanity research,” he added.

Adrian Perkasa as the moderator in the oration, opened the event on how literacy can be accessed anywhere. “Who doesn’t know the story of Mukidi, even Mukidi stories can be a thesis topic,” said the man who teaches in FIB.

Prof. Putten delivered his oration to students of many study backgrounds and also enthusiasts of humanity. In his oration, Prof. Putten said that literacy is sacred, postcolonial written culture and literacy is very precious.

“The stone itself is precious, as it is proven to be proofs of history through carvings,” he said. (*)

Author : Akhmad Janni
Editor : Dilan Salsabila

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