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“When you want to be great person, then follow the people with great character” (Wisdom)

Every person will perish, except for them with knowledge. Every knowledgeable person will perish too, except for them who do good deeds. And every do-gooders will also perish except for them with sincerity.

There are so many people, but only a few struggling and making changes and sacrifice. From the few, there are even fewer people who are patient and rectitudinous. And from them, there are even less people who get and produce real results.

Thus, the few heroes. They keep working and working even without media coverage. They do not feel haughtiness when they are praised, nor feel inferior when they are insulted.

Everything, body, soul and wealth are sacrificed to achieve independence and prosperity also to fill their life with goodness.

When you want to be great person, then follow the people with great character. They used to be like us. They kept learning and trying, and they made mistakes.

But one principle they hold firm is their belief on God’s verses, deep in their heart. They always bring God in any of their activities, so their source of motivation is not praises, wealth, others’ support but the power of The Owner of Life itself.

They help and love other people as God loves and gives. They are also patient as God’s patience towards people. They are also forgiving as God forgives sins and mistakes. They try and keep trying to do goodness, as they believe God presence is in goodness.

It is not the time to only find role models, but try to be a model and the best inspiring one. Notice, that from these many humans, there is the best lot among them, which become the lights in the darkness. They are the best in behavior and the best in value for others.

Their lives are to serve others. The wealthier they become, the more generous they are. The more famous and popular they become, the more they set good examples. The higher their positions, the more trustworthy they become. The greater their knowledge, the greater their fear of God.

They are the jewels of paradise born in the mortal world, with captivating morals, pure souls, clean hearts, strong belief, earnest servitude, smart and open minded. They have vast knowledge, with brilliant ideas, decent morals, calming appearance, polite words, devoted individuals, quite piety, wise words, serving behavior and anything becomes the way of serving God.

When they have difficulty, they have patience. When they get joy, they do not forget to feel grateful. Everything is seen from positive sides. They do not blame others, but evaluate their mistakes.

Learn more from the great people in history, the story of Muhammad bin Abdullah, Isa bin Maryam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, Yusuf, Abu Bakar, Umar bin Khattab, to Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alfa Edison, or any other individuals who changed and shaped the world.

Every day they were insulted, deemed stupid and crazy by the haters. They were often banished, exiled and even kicked out of their place when they only bring thing truth and goodness.

They have no regrets, as they believe everything happens in God’s way. When a door closes, another door opens. Their dreams are not only for themselves but for all people in the nation. We look as if we are envious for their excellence.

As if all of them are the feed and the source of energy. I always pray and I pray for you all, that one day you all will be those kind of men and women, no longer looking for role models but be the ones who are recognized in the line of history. (*)

Editor: Bambang Bes

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