HI UNAIR Routine Discussion Talk Russia and China Relation

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“A Post-structuralism Approach to Foreign Policy Analysis: Rethinking Russia’s Identity towards China (2010 – 2016)”, on Wednesday, August 31. (Photo: Ahalla Tsauro)

UNAIR NEWS – Cakra Studi Global Strategis (CSGS) of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held a routine scientific discussion on regional or international political issue. It is held by lecturers and students of HI Department and it invites experts on the matter.

“CSGS Lecturer Series is a routine agenda and open to public this semester. This week we will discuss post structuralism approach to foreign policy analysis. Next week we will discuss about selfie jihad,” said  A. Safril Mubah, a lecturer of HI.

On Wednesday, August 31, the interesting issue on Russia and China relations was discussed. The study titled “A Post-structuralism Approach to Foreign Policy Analysis: Rethinking Russia’s Identity towards China (2010 – 2016)” was reviewed by Radityo Dharmaputra. Radityo is a lecturer and researcher of HI UNAIR who is now studying in Tartu University, Estonia. He was invited to share his insight on foreign policy especially Russian and East Europe’s.

“The study on Russia’s Identity towards China was quite interesting to discuss. There is dynamic changes of foreign policy made from both countries, from the national leaders especially after the Krimea case,” said Radityo.

Radityo also explained briefly on Far East Russia or the part of Russia who is further east. He elaborated that there is different identity from Vladivostok (eastern Russia) with Moskow or Petersburg (western Russia).

“There was an interesting debate on RFE which is so close with East Asia. Is it a part of Europe or Asia?” he added.

The interesting discussion was attended by some lecturers and students either from UNAIR or others. The next CSGS discussion will discuss about terrorism network recruitment through social media. The discussion on Selfie Jihad will be moderated by Noor Huda Ismail, Jihad Selfie documentary filmmaker and doctorate candidate of Monash University, Australia.

Author : Ahalla Tsauro
Editor: Defrina Sukma S.

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