Formara to Hold Educative Events on Anniversary

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Formara wants to contribute to their homeland. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – If everything goes as planned, Madurese Student Forum (Formara) UNAIR will celebrate its anniversary from January to February 2017. There will be a lot of educative events and they will be held in Madura. One of them is Formara Goes to School.

In Formara Goes to School, they will educate the students of Senior High Schools in Madura, especially on UNAIR. The event was held to motivate students to continue study higher.

Beside Formara Goes to School, there will be Try Out SBMPTN to improve potentials through simulation. Furthermore, the students will also go to the field to formulate village potentials and give solutions to all problems in the village through an event called Abdi Desa.

There will be also seminar with speakers from Madura. They are Madurese inspiring youth through an event called Formara Inspires. The objective is to inspire the next generation.

Tabel kegiatan
Formara Events

There will be Campus Expo. Some campus in Indonesia have agreed to participate in the expo. And it will be followed with the final night of DNF (Dies Natalis Formara) 2017 which will show a lot of educative events.

“DNF 2017 will strengthen ties Formara members. As the natives of Madura, we must contribute to our homeland. And most importantly, we will promote UNAIR there,” said Qurratul Istiqomah, secretary of DNF 2017, who is also a student of Radiology, Faculty of Vocations, UNAIR. (*)

Author : Rio F. Rachman
Editor : Binti Q. Masruroh

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