Formulating Idea on Expert System, Siffian Wins Help Center Essay Competition

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Siffian Assauri presenting his idea on expert system in Media Center UNAIR. (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – For some students, deciding courses to take is not an easy task. Various courses which support their interest and talent of students, in reality are not thoughtfully considered. There are many students who chose courses in their Study Plan Form (KRS) only to add the credits. Even some of them take them just to follow their friends. This condition made Siffian Assauri, a student of S1-Information System Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) UNAIR to create expert system. In his essay titled “Sistem Pakar Penentu Mata Kuliah Pilihan Bagi Mahasiswa UNAIR (Expert System to Decide  Courses of UNAIR Students)”, Siffian initiated a website to help students in deciding their courses according to their interests and talents.

“So later in the website, there will be a certain directory to keep the questions ask about the courses choices. The system will generate some questions to students and after that it will decide the best courses based on their interests and talents,” said Siffian after the final result of the competition was announced on Wednesday, August 31.

The student active in Bridge student activity unit said that he often participated in essay competition. His excellence on writing and formulating idea was acknowledged by the judges. Expert system he created can help students in choosing courses. The breakthrough is expected to assist students in choosing their courses and choosing them thoughtfully.

According to Siffian, the website he created is not difficult to be realized. But he will need a lot of data to make the questions on the choice of courses. The questions will be taken from each syllabus of the courses, so the students’ ability can be measured based on their compatibility with the courses.

In the presentation which lasted for ten minutes and followed with questioning sessions for 10 minutes, Siffian achieved the highest score and became the first winner. His very innovative idea was a great deal of contribution for UNAIR and it beat the other six finalists.

“I am glad I win but this expert system still needs to be tested in order to be applied. And the problems are not many, only need to acquire the data for the directory,” said Siffian optimistically. (*)

Author: Okky Putri Rahayu
Editor: Nuri Hermawan

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