Training Locals to Pack and Market Milkfish

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One of the locals participating in community service and a student of D-3 Hotel (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Improving quality of community products is important for business. It was being developed by lecturers and students of D3 Hotel and Tourism Management, Faculty of Pharmacy (FF) Universitas Airlangga. For two days on August 30-31 2016, the academicians held trainings for dozens of Bandarejo inhabitants, Bulak Banteng, Kenjeran.

The community service also involved D3 Traditional Healing (Battra) in an event called “Training and Counseling on Local Potentials’ Improvement to be Tourist Destination Products.”

“At first, the locals came here to our campus to learn on how to market their products. So we explained how to packaged Bandeng in a simple way. So, we had an idea, what if we create plus commodity out of their milkfish products. So there will be more variations of products as milkfish diversification products,” said the coordinator of D3 Tourism program Dian Yulie Reindrawati, S.Sos., MM., PhD.

On the first day, the locals gathered in the administration office of Bandarejo to get trainings on tourist area exposition, healthy food management, and milkfish product diversification. There was a also a training on baby massage therapy by D3 Battra. On the second day, the people of Bandarejo got trainings on acupuncture and marketing.

“So it is an effort to market the local product potentials. They have milkfish and they can be a tourist attraction and special products of the community. And it can’t be found in any other place, it can be an asset,” said Dian.

Dian explained, this community service was done by his program. “I want to connect the program with the locals, Hotel management is closer to companies and hotels as we have relations with them. But this time, I want to show that our program can also be down to earth. The hotel program can also connect with them. Finally we can bring hotel quality to the community,” said Dian.

The community service event was received well by the locals. As a proof, they were glad that a university came to them. “We’re so glad that there was milkfish management and other training from the lecturers and students of UNAIR,” said Siti Khodijah, coordinator of Bandarejo.

In the future , Khodijah hoped that it can be done routinely as the economy of Bandarejo relies on milkfish ponds, but they do not have knowledge of marketing yet.
“Finally, my deepest gratitude for students and lecturers who was willing to come a long way here. Hopefully, their knowledge brings more use and benefits,” said Khodijah. (*)

Author : Dilan Salsabila
Editor : Defrina Sukma S

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