Three Professors Discuss Stem Cell Research and Innovation

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(From the left) , Dr. dr. Ferdiansyah, Sp.OT(K), as the moderator with three speakers, Prof. Dr. drh. Fedik Abdul Rantam., Prof. Dr. dr. Nasronuddin, Sp.PD, K-PTI, FINASIM., Prof. Dr. Bambang Tjahjadi, S.E., MBA., AK., during Professors’ Innovation Exposition in Kahuripan Hall Campus C UNAIR. (Photo: Alifian Sukma)

UNAIR NEWS – The event of Professors’ Innovation Exposition Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) with topic “Stem Cell: New Hope for Better Life” ran well. The event was held to spread the information on innovation and research of UNAIR professors. This event was held in Kahuripan Hall Campus C UNAIR on Wednesday, August 31.

In the discussion, there were three professors of UNAIR from different field of study discussing the development of stem cell research. They were Prof. Dr. drh. Fedik Abdul Rantam., (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine professor/stem cell researcher), Prof. Dr. dr. Nasronuddin, Sp.PD, K-PTI, FINASIM., (Faculty of Medicine professor/Director of UNAIR Hospital), and Prof. Dr. Bambang Tjahjadi, S.E., MBA., Ak., (Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) professor/management expert). The event was attended by lecturers, students and medical practitioners and moderated by   Dr. dr. Ferdiansyah, Sp.OT(K).

Prof. Fedik elaborated stem research development in details. He said that stem cell discovery was a part of medical regeneration process. He quoted it from the United State National Health Institute, which explained that medical regeneration is a process of creating functional tissues to repair and replace tissue and organ’s function which has been lost due to aging, disease and or defects.

In addition to Prof. Fedik’s statement, second speaker, Prof. Nasron who is also the director of Airlangga Health Science Instiuite (AHSI) explained that stem cell discovery is a part of health therapy in the global and ASEAN Economic Community era. He added that the stem cell development potentials is a part of efforts made to realize our nation’s autonomy in globalization and MEA.

Great demography potentials in Indonesia is itself a foundation to make innovations in medical field. Prof. Nasron regretted that Indonesian have to spend more money to have treatment abroad.

“In order to lead the global competition, we must have great competitiveness. The determining indicator from all those are education and health, therefore the role of university is very important here,” he said.

Prof. Nasron who is also Director of UNAIR Hospital emphasized that stem cell research is still possible for more developments in Surabaya.  UNAIR Institute of Tropical Diseases and Dr. Soetomo Hospital Network have made efforts to conduct researches and field test application.

“In Surabaya, stem cell we study together, it has commenced from research to products and has been applied to 130 patients,” he said.

Prof. Bambang, FEB UNAIR professor, highlighted the opportunity of industrial and organization scale. For him, stem cell can be a business opportunity, but he emphasized on how to improve stem cell innovation.

“If we see it from industrial scale, stem cell can attract investments. UNAIR must make the first initiative,” said the professor who always wear Batik.

Furthermore, Prof. Bambang also viewed it from the marketing aspect to the public. He believed that the public still do not know about the excellent innovation. Prof. Bambang also regretted that the stem cell innovation is still used only for the middle to high class of the population.

“The stem cell has not been covered by BPJS. So, it is a challenge for the researchers to make this therapy affordable to everyone and UNAIR has a great part in the matter,” he said. (*)

Author : Nuri Hermawan
Editor : Defrina Sukma S.

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