Occupational Safety Unit Simulates Fire Emergency for Officials and Staff

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Fire emergency simulation held by K-3 UNAIR has made Management Office Building a bit hectic. (Photo: Alifian Sukma)

UNAIR NEWS – The siren of danger rang. Four explosions heard in the distance. Some medical staff occupational safety unit hurriedly knocked on doors and asked the employees and officials working in Management Office Building UNAIR to get out. The staff asked them to gather in emergency assembly points through the emergency stairs. The instruction was made through the loudspeakers in the corners of the building.

“Attention Please! There’s fire emergency! Please proceed to emergency assembly points through the emergency stairs,” said someone through the speakers.

Halls were thick of black smoke. . Not for long, one unit of fire brigade came in rescue. The firemen put out the fire on the second floor of Management Office Building. The officers of Occupational Health and Safety (K3) soon calmed the panicking staff. After ten minutes, fire’s put out and the employees and officials were expected to get back to their offices and carry on with their work. It happened in a simulation held by K3 UNAIR unit. The simulation was held in Management Office Building, UNAIR on Tuesday, August 30.

One of the staffs participating in the simulation, Faridah Hari, said that it was a useful activity as the staff can understand what to do during emergency.

“If there was no simulation like this, we wouldn’t know the emergency assembly point. We wouldn’t be able to save ourselves during emergency,” said Farida.

Drs. Mulyono, M.Kes., as the Head of Subdirectorate K3 UNAIR, said that the simulation was a routine event held by his unit. The objective is to make the employee accustomed to the emergency response so they know the procedure to safety.

“So that they can savee themselves without relying on the K3 officers. Therefore we provide training for them,” said Mulyono.

Until the end of 2016 semester, K3 unit has conducted simulation trainings three times. First, the target was UNAIR high ranked officials. The second was for officials, medical staff and patients of UNAIR hospital. The third was the officials and staff.

Dealing with fire emergency, K3 Unit have special officers like security guard trained and assisted by Fire Brigade of City Administrations. (*)

Author: Defrina Sukma S.
Editing: Nuri Hermawan

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