Refreshing Course of Endo Resto, Update in Dental Treatment and Techniques

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Two speakers in the event held in Hotel Santika, Surabaya (Photo: Special)

UNAIR NEWS – Esthetics of dental and oral treatment keeps developing in the society. The condition makes dentists have to improve its professionalism to meet the demand as well as to improve their communication technique between doctor patient in dealing with the dental and oral problems.

Dental Conservation Department as one of the education centers for dentists tries to improve quality and professionalism of Indonesian dentist as a whole. One of the ways is by holding routine scientific seminar. On Saturday, August 13 2016 in Hotel Santika Surabaya, there was Refreshing Course on Endo Resto as an effort to update the technology and to explore the latest dental science.

There were presentations and short course with the experts. They discussed about the esthetic improvement on dental science. The seminar attended by 300 participants was followed with exhibition on dental materials and equipments. The seminar was expected to improve the knowledge of dentists so they could serve the society optimally. (*)

Author: FKG Public Relations
Editor: Rio F. Rachman

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