Asma, FK International Class First Batch, Feels Like Pioneer

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After being affirmed as doctor, Asma (in the middle) with her mother and her husband, Pandu (Photo: Bambang Bes)

UNAIR NEWS – International class of Faculty of Medicine (FK) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) has graduated its first batch. From ten students as the first batch, two of them have finished their studies, Asma and Andianto Indrawan T. They were affirmed by Dean of Fk with the other 134 doctors from the regular batch.

For Asma, being the first graduate of FK international class is an achievement. His diploma was different as it uses English. Furthermore, being graduated first from the first batch made her feel like a pioneer. As the first batch, they did not have seniors, nobody taught them either about the curriculum, lecturers or even the tests and many more.

”I stated that way as the curriculum indded different. We ten really tried hard. From the ten, there were three girls and I was the one with veil,” said Asma to UNAIR NEWS.

She admitted that there were few curriculum modules which could not be found in regular class. And, because there were only ten students, and two of them were Malaysian, the intensity or lecture-student was greater so there was easiness during dialogues.

”It feels like having private lessons,” said Asma during interview who is expecting a baby with her husband Pandu.

Other challenges, it used English during classes and as the curriculum was different, they looked for materials by themselves. The lecturer only gave them the topics, and students looked them up. After they got the materials, they discussed about them in group so there were more discussions.

They also made notes which can be used as guidelines for their juniors in the program such as certain module should be used in a certain way and needs few days to understand, they explained the challenges and all.

“As pioneers, we have made some tricks so our juniors in the future can be better. We had thought about the future,” said Asma.

Competitive Quality

The motivation for getting into FK UNAIR was actually only to be a doctor. We never thought of being in international class. At that time, students were offered two kinds of programs, regular or international. Asma choose both of them but international class was announced first so Asma got into the international class and she went with the flow especially when she already had TOEFL test score 550.

”There’s a slight desire to be global doctor but at that time the consideration was of the class, it was small class so it must be better, to be close with the lecturers. It was quite challenging,” she said.

One more amazing thing from the global class was the elective program, studying abroad for a month. For the first batch, they chose to go to Japan. Ten students must choose different departments and universities. Asma chose Obstetrics and Gynecology in Faculty of Medicine Osaka University. In the elective program, students got knowledge and global insight on the work ethics of other nation, culture and their spirit to learn and many other things.

One of the excellent things, Asma said, she noticed that the quality of FK UNAIR Medicine was great and even better than Osaka University. At that time, she was not an intern (DM) yet but as she was the only one, she was put in the same class with the other interns in Osaka University. In a forum, all students were obliged to answers professors questions, including Asma.

”The students in Osaka were amazed. So they asked me: ‘You are not  an intern but you can answer the question well,’Mahasiswa Osaka heran. Lalu saya ditanya: ‘Kamu itu belum DM, tapi kok bisa menjawab’. Therefore I thought that we are better. Maybe it was also because of the textbooks. In Osaka, they used books which have been translated in Japanese, while FKUA use international textbooks in English.  Even when they saw my book they asked, ‘What book is this?’ while the book was the main textbook,” Asma said glad.

“Don’t be afraid to be FK international class students,” she said to FK UNAIR ffreshmen. Study, try and pray. Parent’s prayers were also important.

To students who have done their internships, attitude is also important not only intelligence as it is used for communication with patients.

The point is, FK UNAIR international class is challenging. The students are limited, seniors also limited. Nevertheless, Asma said that it was fun as there is knowledge along the time to be a quality doctor. (*)

Author: Bambang Bes

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